How to use iCloud Photo Library to sync photos & save space

Running out of space on your phone? Want to sync your photos to all of your devices? Learn how to use iCloud Photo Library to do this and more!


Cambrie Naquin says:

Is there any way to sync your photos to your mac and then delete them on your iphone but not have them delete on your mac?

Aaron Valdez says:

Recently I deleted all my photos from my iPhone without yet using iCloud Photo Library. Later I went on my Mac and turned on iCloud Photo Library as well as on my iPhone. Everything is synced but I wish to be able to watch videos without them buffering on my iPhone. What can I do?

mrzmyewski says:

How do I upload all of my photos from my Windows 10 machine to iCloud and keep the same directory structure? I have 13,000 photos, but they are in a directory structure like “Ireland_2016 – Dublin”, “Ireland_2016 – Galway”, etc. However, the photos are ending up in one big directory, or so it would seem. I’m finding Ireland photos listed next to pictures I took last week, next to pictures from the 1990s. Help!

Karim Based says:

I am using the iCloud Photo Library for a while now. a couple days ago I’ve deleted about 700 photos on my phone, but I took around 20 new ones. If I open up the Photos app on my Mac, it starts to upload the deleted photos, but doesn’t show the new photos. What should I do?

AU IX-VIII says:

Hey there, is it possible to view/edit the content saved on your icloud from your device (iphone 5s)? without using thirdparty apps? example: I uploaded some desings from my PC to my icloud and I want to see them in my phone whenever… is that even possible?

Marcus Lee says:


Thank you… I have an iPhone 5.  I finally turned on my iPhoto library/ icloud synch last night… however it isn’t uploading all 4500 of my photos/videos.  I have a 64gb iPhone 5 and just bought a new iPhone 7+.  I want to get all my photos off my phone and onto my icloud storage before I give my daughter my old iPhone 5.  It still says “uploading 4845 items” under iCloud photo library… I’ve got wifi in my new house, but don’t know how good it is… Any suggestions to get this to go through?  Thank you!

Brandon says:

So you need to pay for the service, obviously duh

Sebastian Mora Monge says:

Do I have to have both on my mac and iPhone the “iCloud Photo Library” option selected to be able to sync both my iPhone and mac?

Ace Bella says:

How can I see my storage photos in iCloud?

Aaron Jackson says:

Hi, great video, I have a question, I’m fine with having all my photos on my iPhone but I don’t want them to sync to my mac, but I do want them to sync to iCloud from my iPhone , what options do I need for this to happen

Meghan Schiedel says:

Thank you so much for making this! Very helpful!

Dani Merritt says:

Thank you for the video! My photos are NOT enabled to go to my I cloud from my I phone 7. I usually put all my photos via usb on my mac then sort there by albums. My latest changes (a lot of deleted photos and a lot of new albums) are not showing up on my I cloud. I have every box checked under the cloud photo, except the optimize mac storage Obviously this took quite a bit of time , So why are my changes not showing up in the cloud. Im afraid to enable my I phone because what if all the photos I deleted show up again or what if my albums disappear? Does one device trump another as far as the changes? Also there are several photos that I would like to delete from my phone and it will not let me. Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you!!!

cameraman655 says:

I have several external HDs in addition to Dropbox and Google Drive, so I want to keep photos OFF my Mac’s HD (s). Every attempt to load pics up to iCloud, they find their way back to my Mac’s HD, very annoying.

Hungry Nomad says:

Thanks for the video
How can I delete photos / videos from my phone but still keep a copy on the iCloud without syncing to the computer itself ?

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