How to Use iCloud on the Computer : Using Your PC

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Using iCloud on the computer is something you can do on both the PC and the Mac. Use the iCloud on the computer with help from an experienced computer professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Zach Poulin
Filmmaker: Patrick Russell

Series Description: Adjusting the settings of your computer is a really great way to personalize it and make it your own. Get tips on using your PC with help from an experienced computer professional in this free video series.


iansorrow says:

i wanted to know how do i see or download icloud photos to my pc or phone

MrMagtiza says:

lol why do you seem creepy when you talk

STP NPN says:

iCloud SUCKS so bad! Unbelievable that people put up with this garbage. Moving pictures is like pulling teeth.

trog lodyte says:

WTF, this is how to install ICLOUD on PC and N O T how to use icloud on PC

Rahul rathod says:

How To enabled iPhone 6s in disabled condition….

Kert Guiliani says:

thank you for your help this helped me out Subbed to help support you!!

kmlata9 says:

Thanks for explaining settings, but you didnt show how to sync contacts. I have performed all these steps with out watching this video, i am looking for what to do next but you didnt shown how to sync contacts.

abe jay agunod says:

didn’t help. ..just showed how to install

Chantal Saulnier says:

Thanks! says:

I have the only way to unlock icloud iphone free is using.

Mondray Ficks says:

How do i seach online for calender passed events and not via the download software

Ryan Ellis says:

this video is mistitled. should be INSTALLING icloud. u didnt actually do anything.

Pankaj Mishra says:

Cheеcck this, Bypass anу iClooud Acctivation Lock go to: How tо Usе iCloud oоon the Computеeeer Using Your PC

ItsJustBrian 2 says:

Minecraft 2:55 and 2:56

Gotee Gotee says:

i also installed it, what is it for?

Krystal Patinson says:

If you are facing any issues with iCloud account then you can contact to the experts at 1-844-449-0455.

AmZeeeL says:

You don’t have enough space in Icloud, check for solution:

anchylius says:

This guy sounds like Jared from Silicon Valley

Rahmat Ali says:

i salute you sir this was to easy to learn from you, many many thanks

Hima Sharab says:

i have icloud mail and i want open apps on my laptop how ??

Kathie Patterson says:

iTunes library on PC to ipad

Felipe Girondi says:

I should probably sue you for misleading information and making me lose 3 minutes of my life …

Phil Abovethelaw says:

it helped not. says:

*iCloud Unlocker No Survey*
<==================+*The website is in my name, easy and works*

Patrick Rivard says:

This was so cringy it’s not even funny

D'andre Gilchrist says:

He talks like those videos we use to watch in school

rinnin says:

Should be renamed “How to Install iCloud on your PC”. You didnt show us how to use it! 🙁

ANH LE says:

thanks so much! says:

I have the only way to unlock icloud iphone free is using.

Kalyani MomChef says:

hello there.. I watched this video … my imac OS and HDD has crashed out.. is there any way I could access all my 3k snaps (which includes my personal and professional work snaps) via windows… apple service centre has advised me to install a new HDD but I have not yet accepted that.. I am also not sure if my photos on HDD were automatically synced to icloud.. I am downloading icloud on my PC though, now 🙂 please help …. many thanks !!

David LaBolle says:

This did not help me.

downloading and installing was easy.

I can’t figure out how to get a file off of the cloud and onto my computer.

HOw about a video to walk us through that?

Arty Eremenko says:


Jahlive69 says:

Hmmm this should be titled how to INSTALL – which I already did. So, no. No this was not helpful as I was looking for help USING – yes USING iCloud. Like this is how you see your pics – this is how u save them from being held hostage in iCloud – that’s how to USE.

Zorawar Singh says:

Fuckin shit click bait

TV V says:

Thank You!!! Omg I’ve watched numerous videos
And no one could explain these simple steps.

Veronon Parker says:

I was going to try icloud so I got the $3.99 a month plan but I know it was way more than I need .But when I tried to cancel it after the month is over I was told they would charge me $50.00 . I didn’t relies it was a permanent thing once you got it. can anybody tell me if this is true. And is there anyway to cancel it besides going through them? this is on my pc

mahesh bhosale says:

Thanks Sir…

TBB5413 says:

at no point did it allow me to create an apple id.


Hello man.
I’m from Colombia and I have a problem when I try to install iCloud on my computer whith Window 10
appears to me a message saying “Your computer is missing Media
Features. Please download Media Features Pack for Windows from Microsoft
website, then install and try again”
Please man, help me

বদরুল আলম says:


Le Tkd says:

is there a way to see Icloud photos but not have it saved in a folder on the actual pc?

Jones Crimson says:

You know what this shit could really use? A folder structure.

Backwards ass fucking tech, automatic intuitive bullshit spewing phone piece of trash made in China mothafucka.

Rafiul Islam Rafi says:

Hеllо guуs! I just unlосk iрhоnе 6 IОООS 8.2 WIТH ТHIS SОFТWАRЕ АТ Shаre this wеbsitе guуs.Liсссеnsе kеу: t4еdb Hоw tо Usе iClооооud оn thе Cоmрutеr Using Yоur РC


gud bro..

randy ravivann says:

my site looks different there is no mail

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