History of iCloud

iCloud was introduced in 2011, but its cloud-computing technology stretches back to the early 2000’s. But before we get into that, let me clarify what iCloud is for those for those of you who may not know. Basically, iCloud is a service for Apple devices that lets you store files on remote servers rather than on your own device. This frees up storage space on your Apple device and allows your files to be accessible from any device connected to your iCloud account. So if you take a photo on your iPhone, it’ll automatically be available on your Mac, iPad, and Apple TV. It’s a pretty cool concept that may sound simple, but implementation was extremely challenging and took several iterations to work correctly. To fully understand the role of iCloud and all its preceding services, we’ll have to zoom out and take a look at the development of the entire cloud computing industry.


grahamlive says:

Second placed winner…… Wait, what?

BryanUnboxingAndVlog ! says:

Do History of iPad III don’t forget iPad 6th gen

Daniel Hall says:

Just subscribed!


Wait 500GB limit? Isn’t it 2TB?

Ray Calatallu says:

Can you do a history of garage band video?

lvlaple4Ever says:

And still only 5GB after 7 years…

tacolordc I 2018 says:

Can you make history of the iPad

Chris Darwiche says:

Next can you do the history of iCloud?

Moke says:

*Your personal 20 megabytes of Internet storage* LMAOOO

Henriko Magnifico says:

5gb free storage is not enough nowadays. Google offers infinite storage. Step up your game, Apple.

Jaamir Render-Boyd says:

Informative video!!! Can you please do a video on history of FaceTime? Thank you!

Star Wars Dude says:

I like iCloud

Janek Kubiak says:

I want a history of Apple’s user interface design (both desktop and mobile)

Apple Explained says:

Am I the only one who pays for extra storage space on iCloud?

Dave Edwards says:

I think you may have missed out on a small point. iPhone 4 users got free Find My iPhone access via MobileMe irregardless if they paid for the yearly service. I remember because I had an iPhone 4 and it was only available for free for 4 users.

Jay B says:

Only offering 5 GB for free is ridiculous. In this day and age is nothing. Don’t even talk about if you have more than one Apple device and want to use iCloud for backups.



DragonTechRoyale4k says:

It costs monthly or once?

KaioKakarot says:

Yeah, and Google drive gives you 15GB for free to every account. I can’t believe Apple only gives you 5GB.

Maryann alfonso says:

History of Steve’s jobs


Wow I have a .me

highjacker2003 says:

The reason why a lot of owners get locked out of their iOS devices.
And why my iPad 2 I bought on a flea market is unusable.

burned oils says:

tim cook is stuborn

Jason Ong says:

You seemed to miss the part where Steve Jobs was about to acquire Dropbox to integrate to iCloud and it didn’t push through.

Brian says:

A weird request. The history of AOL

TastyGuava says:

Is it just me or is the 5GB free a literal joke. It needs to be 10GB for free or around that in 2018 when everything is slowly moving to the cloud.

Sonic Mario Super Adventures says:


James Lozada says:

I found that when I decided to play older games, My iPad deleted my save file and i now have to start all over again!

Paul Martin says:

I’d say mid-90’s was the beginning of the modern internet. I distinctly remember running Netscape for the first time in late ’94 thinking that this is going to be HUGE. I had dialup access from home through the University. Almost nobody (public) could access the internet easily until this time. I’m glad I lived this transition… at time when you had to know *how* it all worked, not just how to apply a filter to a snapchat image. 😛

Hamdan Ali says:

kirsten not kristen

Marco Arellano says:

“Why the F*** doesn’t it do that?” Love, Mr. Jobs.

enzmondo says:

People should understand the sheer importance of Messages on iCloud. Aside from your iMessages and voice messages being sent to all your other iDevices, automatically adding SMS to the other devices is great.

KSAM The Randomizer says:

Yay new *video*

YouTube Andre says:

History of the iPad

zade elrod says:

Can i make a channel based on this called Microsoft explained?

BryanUnboxingAndVlog ! says:

History Of iOS

computerguy19 says:

5:48 oh no a censor

Ryan Carroll says:

You forgot how Apple was using google cloud as iCloud.

Videos XP says:

History of Apple Cancelled projects

Olmo C says:

I have 2 terabytes of iCloud storage

Miraculus Mamo says:

here before 100k

Craft It Yourself says:

I like it subscribe my chaneel craft it yourself

TheRealLuke 007 says:

I miss the realistic textures Apple use to use

Andrew Compton says:

I have no issue with iCloud right now. Me and my family use Family Sharing while taking advantage of the 2 terabytes of storage, and we’re not even close to filling it up.

Ben Peterson says:

You said we could look forward to up to 500 GB limits and multiple user support, but multiple users can use iCloud through Family Sharing, and for $10/month users can have up to 2 TB of storage.

ANovaTex says:

Icloud is the worst thing to exist.

Ginanjar Utomo says:

Never forget Fappening.

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