Google Home Mini Review – I might finally buy a Smart Speaker…

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Smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo haven’t really seemed worth it to me..until now? My hands on review of Google Home Mini!

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miguel perez says:

they are 29.99 right now. just bought mine today.

my waterparks romance 182 says:

My Google home called pizza hut

Rémi Simard says:

Sadly it’s sold out right now, at only 39 CAD$

ComradeQuack says:

The number of times my home went off in this video, or any time there’s a google ad on youtube….

Dallin Fields says:

6:58 Asshole. My Home called the closest pizza place.

TheLuukGaming says:

never say “ok google” in a video about it, my google home activated (it even turned the video off)

Matt Robb says:

Linus just called pizza hut on my google home lol!

Austin M says:

When you told the google home in the video to call the closest pizza place mine heard and call the closest pizza place to me lol.

Landrew Ma says:

Thank you for appropriate speaker review. I want something better than my phone for the shower, that’s all. Now I know I can get that. Order placed. I don’t just want a speaker. I want an ok speaker with assistant features.

CeeloGaming says:

that made my Google Home Mini call Domino’s at 1:51am. Thanks Linus

joblagz says:

7:02 surrey? best pizza place is papa joes in fleetwood


Dude, what is with 2 earrings in BOTH EARS??!!!!!

country swag says:

Why spend 400 for that big one just get the mine and get a chrome Audio to Connect it to another speaker

Arash Khazaie says:

it 80$ in canada

Adam Murray says:

Snagged a home mini for $40 cad on Black Friday and I love it so far. Definitely recommend especially if you have Spotify or Google music.

jjuviw17 says:

They’re a steal right now. I got 2 for $38. You can’t beat that


wait, no g-suite? but..thats my whole life..

Francisco Sousa says:

For the people “saying product placement bla bla bla” I say if it is product placement. It’s product placement done right. Great VID Linus

Trevor Martin says:

Echo’s out in Canada now, for those wondering.

Bam Bam says:

How can I manage my google home mini from outside the home using my phone. Like wake up my wife at 7:30am

Brett Braswell says:

So much missing in this. Smart Home Automation, man. Lights, thermostats…. The Philips Hue, man. Blah blah about an audio Jack. Pfft

Ethan Le says:

Google mini has no taste…who calls Pizza hut anymore?! Ewww

Tony Oliver says:

Protip: if you connect through Bluetooth, you can later plug it to your USB type c phone and charge it while playing music

Max Dumbra says:


Mufidul islam tapadar says:

Nice video keep it up thanks if you have time check it out

Mathieu Cormier says:

I have a google mini and at 7:00 it called a random pizza place and I wasn’t talking like it was a prank call

matt dunn says:

lol 2 regualr and 2 minis is really awesome for playing music throughout my entire home

WPHN says:

Lol you got my Google Home to call my closest open pizza place..

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