Files on iOS 11 isn’t really a File Manager

Sorry guys, it’s false hope…




Urmil Shroff says:

Exactly. It’s stupid AF.

Jofhj Furuf says:

I am a developer, and it is possible to Create a local folder to on my iPhone. I’ts then possible for users to drag and drop files to that folder.

Gabriel Jorby says:

By a Storage solution like Synology then use DS file ! That would do it.

TheLionGamer 650 says:

So is there no way i can store my files on my iphone?

anzatzi says:

You look somewhat like Boris Becker–its a compliment.

edmundo vargas says:

how come i don’t see the On My iPad location? It only shows iCloud Drive, Google Drive and Recently Deleted?

Dipp 10 says:

You are so damn dumb….That was only beta 2..

S Tea says:

Apple can piss off at times. Wtf is wrong with allowing us to access files… so 1980’s

MaxR says:

How about network access?? I want to see my NAS!

G C says:

This video is spot on. From the keynote, I assumed we would finally be able to store & view files on our iOS devices. Went to use the app and do the things that any normal user would expect… was totally baffled and had to go to YouTube to figure out what was going on.

I am an Apple fanboy but I am getting tired of apple’s ecosystem of clunky forced user experience. Message to Apple: I’m already all-in and buying every device you make. Can you please relax and make this shit easier to use?

Another example: I really would like to use iCloud drive and stop using SugarSync but Apple forces files to be synced to all devices all the time and doesn’t let me store files locally on mobile devices. Sure, it is supposed to eventually optimize/compress but WTF? Just a few tweaks and I would drop my SugarSync subscription give that $100 per year to Apple.

Worse example of apple ecosystem restrictions is visible when trying to access iPhone photos on a Mac. No, you can’t just drag files from your iPhone and grab one or two, you must import them to the Photos app on your Mac. (Pro tip: there is a way to simply pull files off the iPhone but it is not advertised by Apple.)

Peter Mogensen says:

Well … *I* need to be able to move my photos and videos to the SD-card.

I’ve rarely felt more cheated than when I realized Apple had went out of it’s way to not allow this.

Joelle L says:

I so regret that I bought an Ipad. I wanted to put my personal folders on in it and use them offline. What is the 32Gb for if we can’t put our stuff? Is there a way to do it?

Azril Azman says:

Anybody know a music app that play offline without using apple music?

Ryan Liu says:

Totally agree!!!! What a ridiculous Finder! And you missed important one: it shows Dropbox in an little popup window! I mean what??! Doesn’t it should be at least shown files like iCloud Drive? It’s really useless, at least for now.

Thomas Regan says:

Sadly you were right as we can see now when 11 was officially launched. It’s NOT a file browser. There is a workaround but shouldn’t need it. Apple get the finger out ….

H0ll0aloio says:

to be honest i want to see apple push iCloud Drive in the future, so this doesn’t bother me. Cloud computing is the way to go, we just cant have it fully yet because not everyone has amazing internet.
I plan on trying to get the iPad Pro soon, and I’ve already moved all my important documents that I could on multiple devices onto iCloud Drive (e.g. Pages files).

Kelu Smiley says:

You are correct, the On My Ipad location allowed them to get rid of the document file system in iTunes, since they removed all the ios App store functionality from iTunes. What sucks is that some of my apps have files in the documents folder that I used to be able to access from iTunes, now I can’t even see those folders/files in On My iPad location. Maybe the individual apps have to provide some kind of functionality update to allow that in iOS 11? My comic reader is an example. it’s now currently impossible for me to manually add comic files to the ipad, since the iTunes support no longer exists and the comic reader folder doesn’t show up in files… :/

Vinai Wasin says:

Now the real “Files” is out and yes, it’s just a cloud storage manager nothing like finder on MAC at all. very disappointing. Seems like Apple is very happy to tease their customer lately.

iNdepthphoto says:

How many stop / starts do you do! ??
Can’t you record one sentence without making 3 mistakes?
Jumping around on the screen like some crazy man with jitters!

Kimoon Nam says:

Well shit… they did remove ‘On my iPad/iPhone’ in beta 4

YuiHirasawa says:

I’m back watching this video again after iOS 11 officially released. Disappointed it stayed the same.

Paul Jose says:

The new file app for iOS 11 is a shit for me. It doesn’t work really what i anticipated, similar to windows explorer. The folders cannot be moved in. Only the individual files can be moved. I will continue to use the Good Reader instead – a Robost product. As said, it is glorified version of iCloud.

Garfielf says:

And you still can’t dowload files off of the Chrome browser.

Nafid Ullah says:

How do i transfer the cloud drive documents to on my ipad

*** says:

Yeah! Yet another STUPID mistake the new KIDS. at Apple made

Bryan Miller says:

It’s not a file manager at all, if it was you should be able to drag and drop things from a computer to your iPhone without needing to use the stupid service of iTunes

If you want a true complete file manager on your smart phone, buy any Android phone

Braden Weiss says:

Well that’s a bloody shame! Fml

xingxing85 says:

I am with you! This is worst than the documents app by readdle. I will still stuck with documents by readdle!

Fault Savage says:

Does this mean we can hack games like on android?

Ryuko Matoi says:

You guys could just use Documents6 by Readdle until Apple makes a better file system. I don’t see what the problem is. What I REALLY want is for apps like Documents to be able to interface with external storage devices/apps.

Debugnus says:

Thanks for the info lol 😉

Vincent Scala says:

This is why i can’t switch to ios from android i like downloading and being able to access anything on my phone

Sailof says:

For my 6Plus there i no iPhone and no Tags at all just only iClud and last deleted

Freddy says:

Did any of you watch the keynote? Do any of you know what a beta is?

James 0071 says:

Coming from an android world which really does have file managers, this is exactly as I expected. Apple doesn’t want to cede control to a mere user. I love the iPad for usability but I don’t understand the motivation behind this inflexibility. It’s a big problem not being able to drag files around as you wish.

pradanakusuma says:

and android already did this like years ago, man apple is realy slowpoke

Faizan Ali says:

Oh, Apple. Never change.

Ali Can says:

Looks like Apple wants to make more cash with iCloud storage

theshopguy10 says:

With more and more market loss Apple has just reinforced why they keep loosing market share to android devices! Apple’s dumbfounding business model of having customers pay for their terrible cloud services makes no sense, especially when you can get unlimited storage from google drive free! Apples stupid cloud model is also the reason why iPads will never be used for REAL business for the simple reason that there is no way to directly transfer a file to and from the iPad (or any other iOS device) with a simple usb drive!!!!! So frustrating and dumb! I was waiting for Final judgment on iOS 11‘s “file management system“ until they actually released the full version not beta. Now that it’s here I can honestly say I am truly thinking of abandoning all of my Apple products because I’m just so tired of being disappointed with their stupid and outdated business model and not being able to use very powerful tablet like the iPad Pro for all of my needs. Yes I currently own an iPhone, iPad mini, iPad, iPad Pro and Mac book pro! I could dump all of these devices and go with the surface tablet and still have money to spare and more functionality and less frustration! So Apple, why should I stay with you again after this latest disappointment? Sorry for the rant but I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking this!

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