Explaining iCloud Part 1: Storage, Backup, Find My iPhone

This video series takes a look at Apple’s iCloud service. In this video we give an overview of iCloud and explain the following features:

– How to check and increase your iCloud storage
– See what items are taking up your storage space
– How to back up your device
– Shrink the size of your iCloud backups
– Enable Find My iPhone

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Kermit The frog says:

Wtf man, I logged out and when I logged in my pictures won’t come back to my gallery!!!!!!!! I’m so fucken upset

Plazma Spiral says:

you’re editors really suck at blurring out stuff

Isaiah Olvera says:


aza wallace says:

My phone always says “no storage” but I have 33.7/50 available space. Does that have anything to do with iCloud or is it just on the phone itself?

Josh Twitchen says:

If u buy iCloud storage does this mean It gives me more room to download apps? Please answer :)))

Emad Ahmed says:

So how does iCloud syncing for things like Calendars, Contacts, Notes and Reminders actually work? Does it utilize your device storage or iCloud’s? And why and how is Photo syncing different from this?

Princess Rose says:

If you backup your iPhone or iPad does it delete your photos or apps?

Christine Grunert says:

But if you dont Securitas the pictures they wil disapears!

SeeMooreVids says:

Thanks for the iCloud instruction. Question: I pay every month for larger capacity with iCloud. With this capacity I am experiencing occasional blurry review of my pictures. What’s behind this? Thank you. Steve

DJ BASS says:

At some points I swear “Norm McDonald” was talking

Y.Y. Cafe says:

We already saw your email you didn’t cover it at the beginning of your video!

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