Dropbox vs Google Drive vs iCloud vs OneDrive vs Amazon Cloud Drive | 2016 Edition

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In this video, we are going to compare some of the big guns in the cloud storage and syncing services, including – Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive and Amazon Cloud Drive. This the first introduction video to our five part video series where we will be discussing each of these cloud services separately.

We have tested these services very carefully for days and we have jotted down the shortcomings of each one of them. From privacy to real time collaboration and file syncing, we have covered it all.

Which is the right cloud service for you? There is no right answer to that because it highly depends on your requirements but we are pretty sure that with are extensively researched video series, you would be able to find an answer to this question.

This video will brief you about all the five services and their main pros and cons, so you can quickly shortlist the cloud services you like. If you are intrigued to know more about them, go on our playlist and click on their individual reviews. And if you have any questions or queries, feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to help out.

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►►►►THE BEST CLOUD STORAGE COMPARISON: http://www.cloudwards.net/comparison/

►►►► Crashplan vs Backblaze: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6q3n3QSNP8&list=PL4KCx8O__bCjP2n0tsRw9sxvHQqEBwSnM&index=3


Robert Morgan says:

Sorry, great research and analysis, but impossible to watch/listen with the constant background music. I’ll take a look at your website though, thanks for that. A humble suggestion – do two versions, one with music and one without. It’s just another render and export, with the backing track muted.

BAR16HOOM 1984 says:

Great video and amazing job

Ahmed M Shetawy says:

this video was just too awesome , it helped me alot , thx

47crazed says:

i use lots of apple products, lol i don’t recommend icloud, i recommend using skydrive or dropbox

Henry Tucker says:

i could watch you talk all day (sorry i know that creepy but its true)

Fun Run Tutor x Hunter says:

Thanks for the overview.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

great video but – exactly why do you put music in it? At times I have difficulties hearing the guy and still don’t understand how music adds any value here…

Ethan J R says:

Awesome video bro…. I prefer using one drive over Google drive because it has got way more privacy than google drive…and I don’t really use it for docs it just my photos:)

Mathieu de muizon says:

thanks !

me too thanks says:

Great video but I’d like to point out that iCloud hasn’t been hacked before, despite the link you posted in the blog.

Wisdom To Wealth Mastery says:

Excellent video but would it be an idea to reduce your music track volume a little? I found it very annoying and too loud for your voice.

NextGenHye says:

Why is G drive better for live collaboration when One drive does same? I’m surious

Shoop da Whoop says:

10:30 oh look lets sneak some advertisment for our own product into a review by saying none of them are good for business exept ours… LOL

Doris Rowe says:

how do I find out if I already have dropbox

iAliPrince says:

Please lower the music volume I can barely hear you

Leon Kuzmin says:


ytube ram says:

Which do you want the people to do listen to the speaker or to the music?

Bill Parrish says:

You make amazing videos! Love that you inform on “cloud storage”. It does get confusing. So thanks for the help!

Mg M says:

very helpful and well organized … thanks

Steve Muller says:

Why not include box.com – the service is excellent?

între prieteni says:

how can I have a folder or the desktop shared and automatically synced on multiple devices?

Perry Ford says:

Thanks so much. Very informative overview with no unnecessary “white noise” yet plenty of options to obtain more in depth explanations if desired. Well done!

Haakon Dahl says:

Thank you for the info — very well done. Advice for production — get control of your breathing. You are out of breath for the second half of the video. I would like to see more, so don’t suffer while producing 🙂

Carmelita Watkinson says:

Great info. Can I transfer an entire external drive or do I have to add each folder one at a time? That would take hours upon hours !

The Pussy Diaries says:

that guy eats dicks for breakfast…

bugs181 says:

Great comparison! Unfortunately, a LOT of the disadvantages listed can be remedied using a free single app called oDrive. (Some features listed here are premium only unfortunately.. but keep reading.)

You can use oDrive to connect to ANY of these services – and it adds some pretty amazing features like selective sync, unsync, multiple cloud accounts to a single folder, etc. It features a very similar feel to that of Dropbox for “ease of use”.

The main advantage here, comparing oDrive to Amazon Cloud Drive app would be that it runs in the background in your system tray.

The unsync feature removes the file locally only, but stays in the cloud, and replaces the local file with a placeholder that automagically downloads the file when you try to access it.

Selective sync features, saves time and bandwidth as it doesn’t need to sync a WHOLE directory – only the files you’re actively looking at. There are also custom options that allow you to automatically download smaller files, while larger files wait for you to tell them to be synced/downloaded.

Another cool feature is that it can sync files from places like Instagram, Facebook, email, FTP, Slack, or even your very OWN private server running on one of your computers or NAS solutions.

If the listed features STILL aren’t enough to convince you to give this Free app for a try (7 day trial for Premium features + Another 30 days once you provide payment which can be cancelled within that time) – oDrive will encrypt the files with AES-256 bit before uploading them to the public cloud – and decrypt them all on the fly for you. Your data is ADDITIONALLY protected with 256 bit SSL encryption before it ever leaves your computer. This means that EVEN if the public cloud got hacked, without your personal passphrase – the files would be absolutely useless to a hacker. Or in the case of Google – spying eyes. 😉

Recap summary:
* Sync multiple cloud accounts to a single folder
* Runs in background
* Unsync, + Progressive sync (locally; store only the files you NEED)
* Saves time and bandwidth with selective sync features
* Free options available
* Can grab files from unusual places
* Practically unlimited cloud storage for CHEAP or free ($5 a month; or multiple free cloud accounts like Google drive, Google email, Dropbox, etc)
* Encrypts files on the fly for public cloud providers
* And no, I don’t work for oDrive or any cloud provider. Just an avid enthusiast.

Check it out!

Marco DM says:

As of the end of 2016 OneDrive was actually the fastest. So this video is quite obsolete. Plus, he should at least mention that OneDrive gives you 1TB of storage with an Office 365 subscription, since he actually mentioned the subscription.

W. Keith says:

Thanks for the in depth info on the drive comparisons. My partner edits and uploads video from her iMac. While I use a pc and Windows. I thought Google drive would be a good fit, but not for videos? What would you suggest?

David Roth says:

Fantastic! Rapid-fire information! Not a second -or a breath- wasted! Thank you!

Tommy Boucher says:

Pretty sure you can collaborate in real-time on OneDrive with the free version, not only O365. Word docs for exemple can be edited from the desktop app AND the cloud at the same time, which is better than google docs. They are native Office documents, not with Google.

Michael Arriaga says:

Great video …. Thanks……but i have 15 GB on onedrive not 5GB

Christopher Cain says:

Thanks for the helpful info but please lose the background music. It’s an annoying distraction.

GeorgeGraves says:

Can’t get the chart. It says mailing list not activated.

Eetu Lähteenmäki says:

For most of the iPhone and iPad apps iCloud is the only option. For example an awesome note taking app Notability only uses iCloud to sync notes between devices.

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