DON’T Buy Apple AirPods Without Watching This…

Unboxing The Biggest Bluetooth Speaker –

EarHoox 2.0 (USA Link) –
EarHoox 2.0 (International) –

Elago AirPods Stand (USA Link) –
Elago AirPods Stand (International) –

Catalyst AirPods Case (USA Link) –
Catalyst AirPods Case (International) –

SwitchEasy AirBuddy (USA Link) –
SwitchEasy AirBuddy (International) –

The Apple AirPods are one of the more popular wireless earbuds on the market. They work with either iPhone or Android and feature an incredibly portable design. For some the AirPods are far from perfect so here’s a few accessories that may help you love the Apple AirPods.

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Hasan Ahmed says:

I believe that I am speaking on behalf of a lot a people when i say: Go jump from a building or dive in front of a train and it’s not because of the stupid review its because when I look at you I​ wish you would do those things

Every goddamn idiot who doesn’t have a thing to do makes a youtube video

Son Rukiri says:

I like em. Nuff said, but damn the bass!

Blade Cutting Studio says:

So i must pay more for accessories to make the product actually better? no thanks

Btw I used the airpods for a year, no accessoiries, worked well, fit ok, lasted enough time, but not 170 dollars.

Мирослав Ушаков says:

my dad has jbl bluetooth earbuds

magiceiswaffel says:

I dont like that i pay 160 bugs for earbuds

Mark Morrill says:

It’s safe for drivers so there kids won’t thrall there toys and tell them to pay a taste to the roof wize d himer.

Just Elevation says:

Bruh…. I already bought them before this vid… these are just gadgets for dem

Aymate says:

The original is literally the only ones my ears can fit. I don’t like apple at all but thank god for your headphone design

Sam LSD says:

The old one isn’t staying in place, because my ears are smaller than men.

Stalkerx13 says:

I swear if they fall out of your ears while you are walking there is a big possibility that you might lose them since they have no cord, making it less likely to be found, because the bigger the object and longer it is the better it is at spotting it.

Karma 59995 says:

Buy more accessories for a accessory that cost more than budget phones..!!

Vittor montes says:

Using the AirPods is way too easy, luckily in my ears the grip is perfect, I stopped struggling with the cables, the connection is fast and the design always simple, it’s enough for me

samuel1j says:

Does are the same tech that Bose has on their earphones

Leon Springs Boys TV says:

I’d rather spend my money on Tide pods and kill myself than buy any faggot hipster swagfag apple products

Gilbert Rodriguez says:

I watched his while wearing my apple AirPods

Mark Morrill says:

Master pice.

-Andrew- هيمنة says:

Some people have some weird ass ears. They fit me perfectly

PowWolf Rider says:

For the price the sound quality should be stellar.

Mark Morrill says:

Comedies socks to match and brake to easy.

harry welsh says:

please do an unboxing on the kogan airpods

Good morning Aidan Jimenez says:

3 party air pods

MrSoundSeeker says:

I think if Steve saw how earpods look like, he woud fire Jony. No more dark side my apprentice…

Kevin Kev says:

AirPods are the best bud. But I get it youre working

Matthew Chapman says:

Do they work on android to?

Cormaster says:

the clickbait!

J J says:

The title was right. I actually am going to get the Catalyst case and use it as a nice looking key chain. =]

Chan0 says:

A dock for your dock for your air pods…..

Emil Dahl says:

None of this accessories work with each other.

Unbox Therapy says:

Unboxing The Biggest Bluetooth Speaker –

DarkKnightSlayer 776 says:

What are these for?

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