Backup Your iPhone – iTunes vs. iCloud Backup

Backing up your iPhone or iPad is important. In this video I discuss backing up with iTunes vs. iCloud and what works best for me.

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Young Smurk says:

what if u open settings and u dont see the icloud at all…someone please help?

ecntc says:

Your videos are very helpful. I was wondering if you have a video addressing my problem. I receive this message when trying to connect my iPhone to my mac. iTunes could not connect to the iPhone “iPhone (2)” because an invalid response was received from the device.

marie vaughan says:

Could you please give me a way to print text messages to avoid having to screen shot the entire message log

Vanessa Castellano says:

I keep backing up my Iphone 5 and doesn’t seem to work it ends the backing up but when I try to restore it into the Iphone 6 the back up doesn’t appear can you please help me im at my wits end. Thank you

Don Michie says:

My iCloud doesn’t back up my music. Also, I have put many cds on iTunes. How do I get them to iCloud? Great demo, well presented!

Matthew Garza says:

I just posted a comment and it listed my name as “Matthew Garza” who is my son and occasionally uses this computer. Am I logged into his account how do I change back to my own name?

MaddieD 12 says:

i need help,my new phone backed up everything from my dads phone and not my old one………. and it says that its his phone and not Maddie’s phone and no matter what i do I can’t find a way to fix this and its making me want to throw the new phone at the wall 50 times

Donna Gambrell says:

It is not allowing me to turn off photos, I do have google photos, however, Im not sure what to do to turn off icloud photo?

Debra Johnson says:

HELP!!  iTunes is not recognizing my ipod nano.  It seems that a lot of people are experiencing this.  It there a problem with iTunes?

Matthew Garza says:

Thanks for your video, I found it to be very helpful. You mentioned Google photos, do you have information on using Google photos for additional backup? Is there a video on other offsite ways to backup my laptop?

Tica Linda says:

this is confuse for me. I want to know about google cloud. how much storage they offer.

Steffany Vizcaino says:

SOS I NEED YOUR HELP! I just saw your video and I want to thank you so much for your help. I’m really desperate right now because I can’t do a backup of my iPhone on iTunes or iCloud because it says “the phone is disconected” when it is all plugged in. I’m trying to save 30gb of my photos from my phone but when I go to my Camera Roll it says that I have 0 Photos and it is really weird because when I go to settings all the 30 gb appeared without a problem. And also it says “I have 0KB available on my Phone” when it is totally confusing since I deleted almost all my data and I just have one app left. I recently went to the nearest Apple Store and they don’t really know what to do, they said “it was something about the system” I have tried everything, I have restored all settings, I’ve seen/ read every single tutorial, downloaded another apps on my Mac but nothing, I just do not know what exactly do and I don’t not want to restore my phone and lose all my videos and photos. Please if you can help me I will be very happy to hear good news. I hope you can help me with this situation, it’s really important for me to hear your opinion about this and how can I save my photos if nothing worked. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Greetings from Colombia.

Tu Madre says:

It took 12 hours for my phone to be backed up

JARED B says:

what about apps? if i use icloud will a new iphone remember what apps i had using icloud?

Crazy_Kitty 7 says:

Hey, im pretty scared if my phone will lose all the pictures and app data of i back it up on icloud. Do you guys have any advice

Jonny Steez says:

I wanna try out the beta iOS 11 I was wondering if I should backup on iCloud or on computer?

Thomas Tabone says:

thanks much for sharing backup info

Claudius Clay says:

This is a bit misleading. The iTunes backup is different to the iCloud backup. The iTunes backup is more comprehensive, it backs up more than what the iCloud backup deems ‘essential’, including apps, and third party application data.

Phantasy Phantom says:

Yeah, iCloud is the easier way to backup my iPhone compared to iTunes. I am confused about the iTunes backup. But I doesn’t upgrade my iCloud space. Only some important information are in iCloud. I backup many photos on PC directly. Sometimes, I use some other tools like WinX Media Trans or iTools to help me sync some music. For me, it would be enough.

Jeremy JMIAH Williamson says:

IF you have BOTH, and want to restore from a “back up” to a NEW PHONE… WHICH IS FASTER???? The iTunes or iCloud Backup? I have 200gb iCloud, and a FAST iMac… i just want to know WHICH IS ACTUAlLY FASTER?! lol

Leo Muniz says:

Very helpful. Thank you

amorphous face says:

This is exactly the video that I needed.

Alejandro Avila says:

Great tutorial!!! Just one question, why when i do the icloud backup the available storage instead didn´t change. Actually I had like 26 available and after i did the backup it went up to 40gb. I make sure the backup was done. Thanks

Its Weasel says:

Would plugging in and Restoring from a computer be quicker than using icloud?

serglinkk says:

Thank u for this helpful video.

Joan Hruska says:

thank you , I can sleep at night again

Taryn Friedman says:

I’m having trouble with backing up my Iphone. I have followed the instructions on backing it up by my contacts are not showing up on my Icloud account when I log in online. I can’t seem to find any clear answer on how to fix this. I would love to find a video to help with this issue!

Michael Field says:

Does it also backup your email addresses and passwords, and restore to a new iphone?

Chicks2180 says:

I use and love iCloud backup, great video thank you !!

TheCrafter123456789 says:

very helpful

Ammara Rawat says:

does anybody knows if whatsapp will ask for SIM verification? iTunes backup of course.

Justin Asahan says:

It’s August 2017 and I’ve always used iTunes backup. Now I’ve switched to iCloud backup and honestly it’s much better. It took about 10 hours on iOS 11 beta 4 to backup on iCloud overnight. I’m albeit worried that it if it doesn’t backup everything that iTunes backs up such as app data.

SyBorg says:

I stored my backup on my cp on icloud does it also backup my apps?

Randy Hayden says:

Very nice,concise video. Thank you.

Eric Lan says:

The title shows iTunes vs. iCloud, but you completely rule out iTunes backup. There are different backup. The iTunes will also backup apps. Why didn’t you cover that?

abdul nadeem says:

hi i want to restore my contact from i cloud to my samsung how can i do this please help me

cyrinix says:

I”m curious: say I get the 50GB plan and upload 15GB of pictures but decide to switch back to the free 5GB. What happens to the 10GB of pictures? Does Apple delete them or?

Speed Cyber says:

4:39 the start of backuping the phone

corbgold says:

Can you use both options to back up? Maybe local once a month and iCloud just for contacts on a daily basis?

That's What "i" Said says:

At what point do you move the sim card from one phone to the other? Thanks!

Tim Curtin says:

Can you help with thisiCloud backup issue… I have an iPad Air I got in April of 2015. It is full and I have a 200 GB iCloud plan but it shows 174 GB FREE on iCloud but cannot figure out how to free up a lot of space. I noted that in iCloud settings that Photo Libray is handled separately and this is what I suspect is hogging up my onboard storage space. Not sure however. How can I move ALL photos, music etc to the cloud. NOTE: I have checked all the appropriate check box states to ON in regards to Photos music etc. Thanks… TIm

Stephanie DeBonis says:

How do i clean up my storage on iCloud.

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