Apple Watch Series 3 Review: No iPhone, No Problem?

What happens when you lock up your iPhone and try to live a full, exhausting day with just Apple’s new cellular smartwatch? WSJ’s Joanna Stern found out. Photo: Joanna Stern/The Wall Street Journal.

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do a review on that SLR face rig!

Streaker 68 says:

3:06 she grabbed the “D”. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Carlos Salazar says:


*The best portable charger*

jjumpman says:

You ever thought it’s because you have t mobile? Never have issues with Verizon

Anthony Herhausen says:

Thank you very much for this super funny and cool Video. Make more please

Mickey Molloy says:

She sounded like the spaget bear on the trapeze

Titanfall_KD says:

I wanna apple watch playing…..i’m ipad + apple watch celluar…..two type use !

Aleksandar Nikodinovic says:

Ehhh,noone talks about her hairy hands?Disgusting!

Charles CAC16331194 says:

You life is so boring Joanna…joke, of course …keep going.

Ryan says:

“Here Browser, track your steps” I died

MurryCoolz HD says:

Overreacting just coz she got a apple watch

AlAssad Watson says:

Shave girl!

Andy Bonitz says:

Thanks for the video. I was wondering if I should buy the highest end Apple Watch and not need an iPhone. Now I realised that I need an iPhone to go with my so I might just upgrade my iPhone 4s to an iPhone X and buy a mid-ranged Apple Watch. ⌚️

Nicxbox64 says:

1:12 play the flying music!

AlAssad Watson says:

Shave girl!

oMystique says:

whats with the audio quality lol

Wall Street Journal says:

Read Joanna Stern’s full review of Apple’s new cellular smartwatch:

k31fan says:

Sooooo weird
Jet skiing in the Hudson River
(I’m from Minnesota land of OVER 10,000 Lakes)

Angus’s Videos says:

2:08 Like that plane crash?

Andrew Salao says:

Did you close your rings?

Aiden Nu says:

Why does your dog eat the apple watch that’s called watch abuse

Lol Lol says:

1 year later apple released series 4

Micul_Dragon Ps4 games says:

Buy power black

DarkKnight281fk says:

T-mobile is junk as a carrier no wonder you had no cell service. #justsaying

Viggo de Jong says:

Can you do a giveaway of one of your applewatches 🙂

RedPepper says:

Have you ever heard of a GoPro?

Zachary Dalton says:

4:41: did you just bang ur phone on the dresser

Emoji Productions says:

I have it

Divya Mary says:

Can you give away ur apple watch series 2?????

Teach No cool says:

I just like your video miss Wall Street journo

Ştefan Alexandru says:

Like it so much your videos.But I think ,when someone is at his work place ,he/she dosent have too much time to use the Apple watch .And the battery can last longer.

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