Apple Vs Google: Product Ecosystems

This is apple, everyone’s favorite fruit but isn’t a fruit brand. And this is Google everyone’s favorite search giant. They both run their own ecosystems of apps and programs that, when you actually break it down, do very similar things. For example Apple maps and google maps each provide you directions to any locations, with apple maps being more prone to mistakes. Also, they each provide an app store in which users can download 3rd party apps that also make Apple, Google, and the app developer some money. Then comes the plethora of similar apps like google docs, apple iWork apps, hangouts, and FaceTime. Just to name a few. Lastly, they each have a cloud storage system that integrates into their other apps and contain with very similar pricing models.

What sets these two companies apart then? Well, Apple focuses their software on their own platforms of iOS and Mac OS. Oh. And Uh. Windows for itunes, because well, Windows users like music too.

Google however, while they have the largest integration with their own products, they also love to try and date every operating system and device imaginable.

Apple focuses on this concept of Exclusivity, in which they primarily focus on their own products.

Why would they do this, what would they gain you ask?

Well, the easiest answer would be it differentiates themselves from their competition. Usually this guy. But that’s not the only reason, leading us to the next point. Because all their accounts, services and apps work so well together while ousting the competition, they practically jail you inside blocking you from the outside world. And if you want to leave then your app purchases and other data locked to your account becomes practically useless except for a few things I suppose.

Not only does their suite of software support cross functionality between themselves but their products also have features that only apply to other apple products to further lock you into their deep ecosystem.

But that’s only Apple’s way of appealing to the average person. What does Google do to be different?

Let’s rewind a little. Okay, TOO far. There we go. What google does different from Apple, is that they leave themselves open to every operating system imaginable. Most of their services could be accessed on the web giving you room to pretty much do your work wherever you are. They also make it easy to share your workflow with others because pretty much anyone has access to google services.

Google is praised for this system that allows access to pretty much any of their many services with just an email account with them.
But it’s not all well. As I said before, Google dates everyone. Google loves learning about you and storing that data, they love learning everything about you so that they can push things they just KNOW you’ll love. They’re your obsessive girlfriend. They track pretty much everything you do when logged in, and use that data to learn more. That would be considered creepy if Google was a person.

So no matter which ecosystem you just so happen to fall in, which services you use from these two, they both have their pros and cons. At the end of the day it’s your choice what to use.


Robert Belleza says:

I like both

Amish says:

Google is obviously better

AwesomesillyBrandon says:

Google Supporter

Rachani Raj says:

Google is best

V. Sriram Sundar says:

For those who say apple also tracks you…
It’s basically a lie,
Apple doesn’t track you at all, you can work freely and that’s one of the main reasons why google forces it’s staffs to use macs instead of windows or even linux. Same goes for iPad.
These triggered google fags… LMAO!

Shado says:

If Google just made ChromeOS more functional… I would transfer, but ahh…

alstonmiller212 says:

If you buy an iPhone you can use both

Zygfryd Homonto says:

fantastic presentation and… no conclusion. But here we are 😉

Roger Melo says:

A really good video, congratulations! =)

Chuck_Lloyd says:


rebekah kraft says:

That rewind noise was torture

Star Wars Dude says:

I use iPhone but I use google C Chrome

Jasper Greenhill says:

Stock Android 8.1 is stable and a great software experience iOS i
Has been buggy recently and is way too colourful and don’t even get me started on the control centre notifications and recent apps.

Hadley V. Crutchley says:

Slowly moving over to Google. Just got a chromebook, I want a Google home, and I also plan on upgrading to the Google Pixel in about a year. The tracking doesn’t really bother me.

Spyros Hormovitis says:

Google 4ever (even if I have an iPhone)

Random-access Memory says:

Google Maps > Apple Maps

neferiusnexus says:

I don’t know… i’d rather have a nosy but permissive girlfriend than a possessive rich-girl who will keep all my stuff if i dare to leave her :L

MarkDaNerd says:

I’m in the samsung ecosystem

noodlesmoke says:

*I have an LG K20V. Now, I wait for iSheeps to kill me.*

Nigel James says:

Look in many cases Google is better than Apple; and i say this as an apple fan boy. Take siri for example; she’s been real shit of late and i’ve swapped her out for googles Assistant (yes, takes more steps to bring her up). What keeps me with iPhone is that, apps generally look/feel/perform better on iOS as compared to google (basing this from when i had both android and ios running the same apps). In addition, i love how apple supports its old devices with the new iOS which cant be said for google (which is understable because there are SO MANY android phones out there!)

Star Wars Dude says:


Enchanted playz says:

what about Microsoft?

Max Pike says:

I got nothing to hide so I like google

Aaron Glisson says:

Google is wayyyyy more flexible

Keenomotia says:

I’m for google!

kevindamerr says:

Both Google and Apple came from US. So the winner is Donal Trump.

Nikhil Dhande says:

Google sucks

Thor Hansen says:

Apple > Google

Why? Because they at least provide updates for their older products.

hasan nasir says:

Apple is better

Gaming TeChy says:

Fuck apple

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