Apple Photos – Managing Over 68,000 photos in iCloud

I have over 65,000 photos and have been using it to manage that large library for about a year. I tell you what you need to know about Apple Photos when using it to save all of your memories.

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John Boyd says:

I would really like to see a video, if you change services, about how to switch from iCloud to either Google or Amazon. Is it an easy process and how do you link the accounts? Thanks, and as always, a very informative service.

Praveen Hinduja says:

Hi, as we are discussing about photos. I have around 10k photos and i just bought iphone. I have them sorted in my hard drive but i wanna know how can i sync it to my iphone or icloud. All of those photos to show up on the stream. And i dont have a mac. I tried i cloud on web using windows computer but it crashes every 30-40 photos.

Aravinth Kumar says:

Im having tons of photos same like you. But been facing some kind of problem in syncing from my windows laptop to my iphone 6s plus. Everytime I try to sync it, not all the photos are copied to my iphone. I have around 35000 photos. But once itunes sync completes, there is only around 18-19000 photos. I don’t know why all the photos are not syncing. Can u help me out?

Carlito says:

Just use google photos lol..

Jagjit Kainth says:

Why do you have so many photos?

William Miller II says:

Can you make a google photos video please?

Maritza Aguirre says:

Why are we so obsess with keeping our pictures in 1990s we did not have that many pictures printed is all about this digital era we are this way….just keep what you need if you don’t sit and look at everyone of those photos in the pass 3 months Why keep them? Hard drives are a good way if you must keep them all invest in one of those no internet need to look at them just your computer.

Diogo says:

Use a hard drive?????????

Raihan Kabir says:


Caleb says:

I’d love to see a follow up video reviewing Google Photos and Amazon Prime Photo. I’d be interested to hear your opinion on both and which one you decide to use.

Ninb Adam says:

hey man, just today siri isn’t getting my voice, “hey siri” doesn’t work too, it’s like she can’t hear my voice but when I scream at the back of my phone she hears me somehow. any idea what’s going on?! btw I restarted my phone and siri too, didn’t help

rendall harper says:

I combined photos fro old i-phones and had 144,000 photos after removing duplicates I now have 75,000 and I have experienced the same sluggish performance

KND23 says:

are yoy the aspy shooting coach from proshot?

Ice banna says:

68,000 holy fuck

aceraf158 says:

I back all my photos (mostly 4K videos now) to my NAS drive rather than leaving them on iCloud, I can still access them via my NAS and it means I can get away with using the 50GB iCloud option. I do have a 256GB i7+ but prefer backing up once a month to clean my photos app up.
The amount you’re paying for iCloud you could get a NAS setup and then have access for free thereafter.

Cypress Home Technology says:

Also, I use flikr because they give you 1TB of free storage in original format without downsizing it.

Cypress Home Technology says:

I understand your pain. People think that you “want” to keep all these photos on your phone at all times which shows they do not understand the problem. The problem can be easily fixed if there were a setting on the iphone, ipad, to deselect photos over 6 months or even to deselect syncing of years. For example, they would all go into the cloud but only the past year will show up in iphoto. The only way to show the other ones would be if you did a search, like a website would.

I have the same problem and it drives me crazy.

Giovanni Filippini says:

After several months you’ve posted the video, did you move the photos from Apple Photos to Google Photos?


Who wants Apple photos when Google photos provide unlimited storage??

Eng Mina says:

I used to had that much of photos , over 30k , and for some reason it has deleted by itself , and now i have 20k , like 6G

NopeNopeHope NopeHope says:

How can i upload photos on icloud,but when i delete them from iphone ,to keep the photos on icloud ?

Jamie Rossiter says:

Gave up on iCloud ages ago and now very happily use Google photos. Come to think of it i tend to use Google products more than my Apple apps. Still cant go past iMessage tho

Mahim Nagar says:

I have 28000 photos on google photos, though the upload speed on icloud is better but as the video rightly shows – optimizing photos doesn’t save any great space on iphone. Google Photos has all the capabilities to store, manage, search, edit and share photos – all for free and unlimited for photos of upto 16megapixel. icloud needs to really optimize storage on device to become a favourite photo storage solution.

Nathan W says:

Why not the 256gb model? Ik it is a insane price though

Alexander Imhof says:

Use Google

Fireballer says:

I want to use Google Photos but the only problem is you can only use PhotoScan to get them on the google photos app unless you import all of them from Photos

Nathanael Racho says:

I switched to google photos and backed up there. I then deleted all my photos from photos. Now photos isn’t taking much space. And I can still see my photos on Google photos.

itabmedia says:

Im in the same boat. But I only have around 20k and about 2k video. Im unhappily paying the $9.99 per month for 1TB and only needing less than half that space. So like you have been looking at Google photos as a replacement. My problems are, what do you keep in Apple Photos? Do you export/backup and then delete most of the library? Next, since we have been using Apple Photos, the management puts them into these obscure folders with a generic file name. So now when starting fresh with Google, you have to now batch rename all the files to the “shot on” date. This can be done pretty easy with photos, but the video metadata is not as easy to retrieve. This video metadata I need to rename the files just is not there and thats what Im stuck on atm. Its hard to break away from Apple and thats how they like it.

wAjAhAt mirXa says:

It was always a confusion. Really really reallly informative video. Appreciate it man!

EElectric_M says:

Photos are really important, but it’s creepy for them to be everywhere.

Tim Plaster says:

Thanks! It’s not easy to find a real-life usage of iCloud Photo Library. I’ve only seen ones with 100 or less photos. I have 70,000 photos on mine, and it’s been scanning the people album since iOS 10 came out, and as of today it’s scanned 39,914 photos. On my Mac, with the latest version of Photos, it’s scanned 25,949, so I’m not sure if they’re working together or not on the people folder, but it is working.

I’ve been considering Google, but the syncing, editing sync, rating and integration has kept me with iCloud. I have come to expect big things from Apple, and I hope they don’t let me down with the Photos cloud issues.

A lot of people are asking why we would want that many photos, and they are photos that go back to the year 2000, when I got my first digital camera. With four boys, and plenty of photos, it’s awesome to look back and find any photo from any time of anyone that I’ve ever taken. Apple has done a great job of allowing me to do that. They introduced iPhoto back in the day and have done a good job of evolving as people are taking more and more digital photos.

Mohamed A. Idres says:

I have a 9000 photo and i use google photo its a good idea and more flexible than apple photo I recommended for u ..

Pigmon Ford says:

I have over 20000 photos and i use icloud to store my photos as well because it is a much more seamless process than the other services. But at the same time I’m also looking for a cheaper alternatives.

Joseph Hardison says:

I use Google Photos and turn off iCloud Photo Library to save storage.

Carys Robson says:

Is there anyway I can have my photos uploaded to both google photos and iCloud (and have the setting to free up space on google photos, where the original is deleted?)

Rikarour says:

I have a question Zollo, I have pictures saved on a hard drive because before I would only have a 16GB iPhone and didn’t really know about the optimization of the photos, and Im currently organizing my library but one thing thats really bothering me is that if one photo was taken in lets say June 30, 2008 on my iPhone it shows today’s date or some other date. is there a way to manually change the date on a photo? preferably in the photos app on Mac?

Shaun Rowe says:

Amazon prime photo is amazing I use that

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