Apple Music vs. Spotify

Which music streaming service is better for you? We compare Apple Music and Spotify to find out which has the best features and music discovery options.

Which one do you prefer? Read about it on CNET:

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YouDontWannaFightMe says:

I switched over to Apple Music when Spotify stopped doing unlimited offline downloads.

Miranda Arnold says:

I think it just depends. Apple musics is better if you live in the appleverse and have almost all apple (it Apple TV, HomePod, Apple Watch, iPhone, etc). Spotify is kinda stand alone, not attached to a brand. So it can be better supported with third-party items because it’s just Spotify. Apple Music is attached to Apple so it makes sense that you can’t really use Alexa or google to play Apple Music.

Beats Universal says:

Nice, keep it up! We’re a team of beatmakers and producers – it would be great if you could take a look at our tunes when you get a chance as well. Salute

Andrea Gutierrez says:

Why would you use a browser widget for a computer for Apple Music when you can download iTunes… Apple Music > Spotify. Spotify is messy af

Michael G says:

I’d had both serves, but I stick to Apple Music fore the family pack that’s all.

Pyry Karrimaa says:

I go with Apple Music – simple, effective and really – I like the UI more than Spotify. And since I have many Apple devices for work and leisure, I find Apple Music to be my weapon of choice. I don’t mind the monthly payment at all, since I listen to music for multiple hours per day.

DarklingGolem50 says:

I really like Spotify:
Download is easy
Alexa or Google Home integration (We only have Google Homes and Chromecast)
Android and iPhone Support (We switched from iOS to Android a few months back)
Cheap where I live (Philippines)
supported in Windows 10 (App or executable)

Luke Pickle says:

Girl on right looks cute

Sudip Dey says:

Using both, but spotify is great..

Ruby Rose says:

I hate apple, my entire family has different types of phones like samsung and spotify. I feel like it’s worth to pay the $15 for a family plan

Flex [V] says:

Apple music: LIKE
Sporify: COMMENT

Sc3ptilium says:

you know what i like? DEEZER.

Jeremy D says:

YouTube music with a family plan

Izaiah Bingham says:

I have both an I bad

Isaac Watkis says:

Apple is better

Caitlin Laing says:

i use apple music just because its white and i prefer it being lighter i hate how dark spotify is

Jonathan Staples says:

to be honest i have both and i can say that spotify is better for me as a whole, being able to listen to my music while i play ps4 is amazing and only spotify can do that

廈 門人 says:

I HATE the User Experience of Apple Music.

Lisa Parker says:

I Truly Love ❤️ Spotify The Most.

Arrington Smith says:

Apple music is better dont @ me

Bloodshed 1791 says:

Question: Say if you used Apple Music for about 6 months, downloaded loads of songs, but then you cancelled with Apple Music, would you lose all the songs you downloaded? (Also does this apply to Spotify?) Thanks

Jonathan Wellington says:

I download my music from torrent and listen on spotify because spotify’s audio quality isn’t that great, especially the free version

REX says:

Spotify also gets me!

Black Paradise says:

Is rather just go on YouTube we’re I can skip add and rewind

Geovanni 05 says:

Each streaming service has its pros and cons. It all comes to taste.

Angela Jackson says:

If you’re looking to get into the “apple ecosystem” you should look into Apple Music. Anything other than that it’s Spotify. No question about it.

Bahadır Sarıçiçek says:

Yo, i was thinking about abondoning spotify and going back to apple music. Then i realized there are 3 holy computer starting apps.

Sorry apple :/

Ajjedi says:

Apple Music

Damon Albarn says:

The Awnser is Simple PANDORA

Bradley Taylor says:

I’ve been subscribed to Apple music for months now but just yesterday my membership expired. Spotify had or still has this deal where you get 3 months for just $9.99, so I ended up choosing them. So far so good but my only gripe with Spotify is that it doesn’t have a widget. Apple music comes with one and it’s super convenient being able to go and play some of my most recent songs/playlists/albums just by the widget page. With Spotify though I’ll have to go into the app each and every time I want to play music. Very little complaint but after using the widget so much it kind of feels weird not being able to use it.

What I do like about Spotify though is the Crossfade feature in the settings. Also like the dark theme to it (all themes matter).

nikoo says:

6:33 great blurr

Twunk says:

Apple music has more songs. It’s that simple

GladkyAndrey says:

Spotify is unavailable in my country, so…

DarklingGolem50 says:

If you want to be very cheap. Go to Philippines

Spotify is just only Php. 150 ($3) and Family is just Php 200 ($4)

Ilya Dragunov says:

Spotify isn’t available in Russia so I have to stick to Apple Music

April Cowd says:

Spotify wins

mk mill says:

i’m tired of arguing its preference

Epix Cole says:

you can stream spotify on samsung gears s3

Alexis Ryder says:

Just use JOOX, its the best!

Rodrigo Montero says:

I like Spotify for the playlists. They have a playlist for every occasion.

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