Apple macOS Sierra: What’s New?

Apple’s macOS Sierra brings Siri to the mac for the first time among many other features which I cover in this video. You can expect it to be available as a free upgrade this fall.

Check out iOS 10 Here:

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Himanshu Kanda says:

it looks so better than windows 10 <3
But sorry imma stay on windows haha

Bill Overbeck says:

I’m staying with mavericks

blender poly says:

deal with reality WINDOWS 10 is better in sierra there is nothing really new or revolutionary

Владимир Марченко says:


Stan N says:

In short: nothing special
just a bunch of unnecessary features…

Jad Fantakis says:

which is better and smoother os x yosimate or os sierra ??

BlearRocks says:

what software do u use for editing?

Chrismax says:

Even on a now prehistoric 2009 MacBook Pro macOS Sierra works great for me. High performance combined with a simple and easy to navigate user interface.

Quo Tanzient says:

a month later, updates… I still can’t even drag 10 files to the trash and empty the trash without a massive delay of 30 seconds or more. lol, what a piece of shit Mac has become. It’s not a joke, this is pathetic trash. I can’t click the trash icon to move them to the trash, I have to drag them to the trash then 30 seconds or minutes later I hear the sound prompt that they’ve finally been moved to the trash etc… it’s laughably pathetic. And, this is after wasting the money on the lousy SSD.

George Washington says:

The Messages app should of got the send effect like IOS

Mav NZ78 says:

very limited system … Dont want to say that but linux is way better …

GRM Dedication says:

I have a mac from mid 2010.. Can i upgrade it? I have 10.9.5. and it’s fine but im afraid for this new update 🙁 help pls

Pooya says:

Very informative and concise. Thanks.

Beast Boy says:


GBuys says:

I love Sierra 😀 (hackintosh)

xLauryn MC says:

If you update you won’t lose your data right?


people please give me apple mac mail and password please <3

BlearRocks says:

Watching from Windows Vista 🙂


raul Rolon says:

Man, I really miss the Mac OS. Had to switch to windows for college and it is so clunky and slow. Everything on mac is so seamless and well organized. Waiting for the updated new MacBook Pro.

hannah elmi says:

Can someone help? I don’t understand how to charge my MacbookOS Sierra, and I’m confused because I don’t really have the three pointed white head thing you plug in to a circuit, it didn’t come with it, help?

magellanmax says:

I waited for a while before I installed this new version and I’m very pleased! It works great!

Ník Vølvø says:

I like using QuickTime Player to record my screen as well.

DeeJay 7XTC says:

hey man, i’ve try to talks to siri and she is racis… siri don’t do what i’ve said. damn racis siri…

Mladen Vukadinovic says:

Narudzbenica.pdf? Are you Serbian? 😀

untseac says:

Once you go Mac you become a Mac Fag.

Kong King says:

Why Siri has to be a woman´s voice?

Ishan Jeong says:

Will my macbook pro 2015 get siri if i update?

Филипп Малыхин says:

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Astrid van hal says:

do you know what high sierra will do on a mac mini 2014 with a normal hdd? i play games on steam, and in the forum there are many complains about the new update

Qball says:

The difference between macOS and Windows. Mac has smooth corners to everything(windows, icons, features and power), windows is sharp(windows, icons, features and power). I use both, and I prefer using MacOS on a laptop and I think having windows on a desktop is the best way to use both.

kapil jangid says:

according to me this is the best orating system.. it look is
very good

ruban dsouza says:

OSX Mavericks – “An Error occurred while preparing the installation.  Try running this application again


“Tell my sister I’ll stop by around 4 o’clock” he sounded like he was doing an impression of Patrick Bateman from American Psycho

Antonio Montaño II says:

if i will update my mac, are my files gonna be deleted?

Vaibhav Parihar says:

Hi DetroitBORG………I want to know that which Macbook laptop are you using for doing all your stuff ??

Joe studly says:

Does this work with 3 gigs ram and a 2.6 ghz processor ?

Light Dancing says:

Thank you for saving me hassle of switching to Sierra. Now I know that I would certainly have regretted doing so. Why? Because none of the features you have mentioned are useful or important to me. So I will happily stick with El Capitan. Thanks again.

Aanglos3115 says:

I maybe somehow Losing Gigabytes Slowly

Paul Breen says:

EXTREMELY well presented – Congratulations !

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