Apple iPhone 6 Review!

iPhone 6 review. Apple’s flagship from a Googler’s perspective!

Apple iPhone 6 (Unlocked):

dBrand iPhone 6 skin:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over



Atit Karki says:

please prepare a video on huewai y9 2018

Mihir Takalkar says:

it shouldn’t bend in your pocket or anything….

Mohmed Mohmed says:

كم ثمنه بالدرهم

Shawn Lewis says:

Good Lord, all of the apps looked so ugly way back when.

Joel Yeomans says:


Ben Meyer says:

Getting one this Sunday, crazy to see how big Iphones have gotten since this video, luckily the 6 will continue to be updated for a few more years and by then I’ll have saved a little more money than I have now and upgrade, wanted the 7 plus but I ain’t got 600 dollars! This is my first phone so I’m pretty excited

Islam spread piece and love says:

Now I am buying I phone 6 what you people say about I phone 6 can I take or not its good than Samsung or not plzzzx help me can I take I phone 6 or not

Laila Rose says:

Best phone reviewer on YouTube

Apple Bejo says:

Im watching this on my iphone 6——-2018

Mario says:

flagship model for the past 4 years

Omkar Kute says:

Iphone 6 batter than iPhone se?

Donald Zoooyono says:

excellent ces magnifique

Ashley Mark says:

Please give me iPhone 6s that is my dream cellphone:(

itzthekidwithglasses says:

Hoping to get one soon!



Mohmed Mohmed says:

كم ثمنه بالدرهم

Slim Leaf says:

Soon 1k videos on this channel !

that boyreek says:

He look gay

5awie says:

I still use this phone. I can’t believe this was once a flagship lol.

Ntsako Phakula says:

Watching on my iPhone 6

Jagger Loco says:

Thanks for the review and information.

Donald Zoooyono says:


InfatuationCRD says:

Boost mobile is giving these away 50.00 April 2018…I’m team android..that’s why I’m here. Wanna see what all the apple hype is.. but I dont want a new one or trade in my S8 for something I’m not sure I’ll like

Tamil Entertainment says:

Can I buy iPhone 6 in 2018 ??

ออเออภิศักดิ์ อินต๊ะออิวัน says:



I Purchased iPhone 6 Gold 32gb

Simone Stuani says:

La Apple fa schifo. Non comprate mai un prodotto Apple. Qualsiasi cosa succeda il telefono loro non rispondono mai di niente e ti trovano delle scuse per dire che è colpa tua e ogni volta che lo aggiusti spendere dalle due alle 300 €. Sono dei ladri io non comprerò mai più niente da loro ora ho un Samsung e mi trovo benissimo qualsiasi cosa succede allora te lo mettono a postoTutto in garanzia. Apple vergognatevi fate schifo

Claire Wilson says:

How much does the iPhone 6 cost in 2018?

Raze Drover says:

Is the iphone 5se really comfortable to hold please answer

Muhd Riyaas says:

Who is watching this video on iPhone 6?


whos watching in 2018 I’m think9ng about getting this phone but will it be a good phone for a 12 year old in 2018

Illana says:

Watching this on my iPhone 6 that I got for 20$

Aidan Cyrenne says:

It’s funny how people are saying a $400 iphone is way overpriced. 250% more expensive now for the iPhone X. I like apple a lot, and I’m gonna get it, but I agree that’s wayyyy too expensive

Santos Tan says:

Watching this on my iphone 6 to convince myself that it’s still the best phone out there, cos i aint got the money for an upgrade.

Jhon Ace B Corial says:

What happen to your arm….

Cesar Marroquin says:

Great review dude. I still have iPhone 6 and runs as if new.

Niko Tecson says:

Hey Marques, do you still have one of those? I really want one. Any color will do

Donald Zoooyono says:


hannah berry says:

Iphone 6 or samsung j7 pro?

Mahesh Patil says:


Shanna Lumpas says:

When i have a iphone 6 i need a popsocket because i heard that it can slip on your hand because of smoothness

Haroonmumtaz 000 says:

Buying in 2018!!

Nitin Chauhan says:

It’s 2018 and that design oh!!

Peri winkLee says:

I wanna buy iPhone 6s but I’ve money only for iPhone6. Shall I go ahead?

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