Apple iPad (2018) review

Apple’s new iPad for 2018, the 6th generation, is very good. It’s also the bare minimum Apple could do to update it. Should you get an iPad Pro instead? Subscribe:

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CarlyUTube says:

Finally, someone who understands where I am coming from! I have an old iPad2 and this New Gen6 is just what I have been waiting for!!! So glad I did not buy a new iPad before now! This one is worth every penny! IMO!

worldofJCK says:

Hmmm… you forgot to mention the display air gap, which makes it feel like you’re touching plastic instead of glass & is the biggest deal breaker for me and the biggest reason I still haven’t upgraded from my Air 2.
Great review other than that!

JKayser says:

I think google shouldn’t give up on tablets just yet. They just need to learn from apple

Casey Thayer says:

So biased for Apple…I love videos like this full of misinformation. we don’t have enough of that going around please make more videos. we all know Apple is paying you to.

Alex Seiffert says:

Pixel C user here. Never again will I make the mistake to buy any iOS device.

Otto Caspar says:

why not just get last years ipad? I mean who needs a stylus anyways

Angel Castillo says:

So the iPad can’t use smart keyboards? What’s the difference between a bluetooth keyboards and Smart Keyboards?? They should function the same, right?

DAVID Y says:

Why are people using 3 apps at the same time?

Andrew henderson says:

Tablets are out of fashion. Nowadays just the smart phones screen is big enough.
Even iPads are not popular. Yeah this ipad might sell , the price is cheaper.

TechL says:

The air gap bothers everyone ne matter who when why what where. Trust me, everyone hates it when there are smartphones that sell for the same and are better

Ye says:

I’ll stop you with the first line. I’m a salesperson and 80% of my customers don’t want a tablet for more than $150 lol

Docta Pepper says:

Watching from my Samsung tab S2

foxroano9t says:

I love my Surface Book its a tablet and a computer

cmnweb says:

If your iPad is slow and old (like two years) get a new iPad….This was sponsored by Apple? Naaa

Bruno Silva says:

I think he’s just a “little” over the top with the ipad! Wow

Rufikss [Ex.Yuga] says:

I sense an Apple fan boy…
“You should get this Ipad,beacuse its Ipad“
And Omg Ipad got multitasking in 2018 wow not like android had it from like 5.0….

Black white says:

Time to start a new company for tablets to compete with apple. Who wants to join me..

Helios Development says:

Great vid.

umair mirza says:

Correction: it doesn’t have the same Touch ID. It has a first gen Touch ID, unlike iPad Pro which has a 2nd gen Touch ID

Ian Damian says:


Svante says:

What about the huawei m5?

ThanatosXR says:

What a waste of money

William Chandra says:

Super nice content. Super nice review. 100% love

Boni Manalili says:

It’s a Tide Ad

Youtube Channel says:

I want the iPad Pro but my Air 2 still runs fine. Sure it’s not as fast my iPhone 7 Plus nor do graphics in games look as nice but it does the job. The Pro seems too expensive for a tablet that’s limited to iOS.

Charlie Reich says:

I’m a little confused is this an iPad review

subsone says:

It’s weird cause im watching this on an Amazon tablet

mail online says:

lol the moment you said ” wanna buy a tablet” then went on to say “lets say 600 bucks “…. that when you lost me. For that price i could get a laptop.

Simon Bailey says:

Sorry but thats lame and looks exactly like ipad 2, 2!!!!

And how can you say there are no other options. open your browser and eyes and see theres heaps.

The Verge says:

This iPad is pretty straightforward. But what features are you hoping to see in an iPad Pro if it gets updated later this year? — Dieter

Faisal Munayam says:

The ipad air 2 is still the best ipad

Yiddish Granger says:

What’s a computer?

J talk says:

Is it just me that the “new” iPad look desperately and pathetically old?

Matthew Ferraro says:

I just bought a 2017.

Nigel elliott says:

Didn’t bother watching past 50 seconds. It’s the only option? Please at least try and not show your bias, tech journalism shouldn’t be your thing if you can’t.

Horacio Proa says:

little biased. Samsung still makes great Tablets.

Freddy Soliman says:

True Tone and 120Hz refresh rate are definitely noticeable

Geoff Carl says:

The wallpaper is really good. Can you post its link?

TheNokturnalTimes says:

What about Asus ZenPad 3S? Or Samsung Galaxy Tab S3? Or Lenovo Tab 4?

yassin sherif says:

I just wish instead of having two speakers on the same side, they’d have one on each side

jacropolis says:

Why do verge videos always look slightly hazy?

subsone says:


zeroride21 says:

Samsung S2 and S3 are very good Android tablets

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