Apple ID, iCloud, & Family Sharing EXPLAINED


WHAT is an Apple ID?
HOW do you create one?
WHY is it important?
SHOULD I share it?
WHAT is family sharing?

Apple ID is the username for Apple services. It is either shares its name with a pre-existing email address, or uses a dedicated address.

iCloud acct., iTunes acct. are just sub-accounts that can be easily accessed using the same Apple ID!

It seems that many people are under the impression that you need more than one account, possibly one for each Apple service, which simply is not true.

4 Services that use the Apple ID:

1. App Store – used to purchase Apps and Games for iOS, macOS, etc.
2. iTunes Store – used to purchase music, movies, ringtones, etc.
3. Apple Music – service for streaming up to something like 40 million songs
4. iCloud – used to sync data such as pictures, contacts, notes, calendar events, etc. across multiple devices and to backup non-synced iOS data

Family Sharing allows a family organizer to connect individuals with different Apple IDs who want to share purchased content, but still wish to keep their private data separate, preventing cross-contamination of data. Among other things, parents can use family sharing to manage Apple IDs for minors under the age of 13.


Daniel Watling says:

Awesome video dude! good job, I’ve been wondering what to do with my wife and I’s phones because we want to share photos storage etc… just have to get to the Apple store to make sure they do it right

Ed's lah_rabia says:

Perfect… Good work. This is the videos i be looking for, clear and str8 to the point.

sparkie says:

hey man, i want to add my credit card to the family sharing stuff, and i have don’t that. but when i go purchase an app or an in game purchase it uses my mums credit card and not mine. can i have some help please !

RFIR 199 says:

My mom’s app store is for a different country. Will family sharing work?

GravitySpikes says:

i want to share music with family members do we all have to use the same apple ID and they have to log out from their own apple ID?

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