Apple iCloud Features Review

Apple has announced their new iCloud service, which allows you to store your content including music, mail, documents, and just about any other miscellaneous file that you could imagine in the cloud. In addition to this, it also pushes the content to your various devices to keep everything in sync.

Picking up where MobileMe left off, one of the biggest features of iCloud is the way it handles music. Instead of relying on your local hard drive to store your music files, you can have everything you purchase kept in the cloud to be made available on all of your Apple devices right away.

What is your favorite feature of iCloud?


stormylane says:

he’s had too much “analysis juice”.

emad alameddine says:

your fucking annoying to watch

ericjoel29 says:


Wembley Leach says:

Pirate music? I-I don’t pirate any music.

Mrsjvaltierra says:

Have anymore storage space. I have everything shut off so I was wondering how you can manage iCloud. Do you have a video on this???

Michael Mombelli says:

you don’t get much do you ? lol

FredIsMyName22 says:

iCloud seems to me like it was partly inspired by Time Machine. When I bought my MBP, within twenty minutes I had all my data streamed wirelessly from my time capsule- even my settings. It was amazing. I can’t wait for Docs in the Cloud! Then all of your complaints will be answered!

Nathan Inkster says:

You should keep doing videos like this in the TLDR, Chris! 🙂

Pablo Suzarte says:

I really like u chris but why the faces!?? so annoying!

Arian says:

why the f**k did u get drunk reviewing this… too much analysis juce man…

GeeMoney says:

And start sipping!! Lol

stxsas says:

I think I am hypnotized by his eyebrows…

FreddiesFreshMyLifePie says:

nice little burst of aggression…could be roids!

Dominique Garrow says:

Grape Drink!

Mateo Cuadra says:

sipping your anal juice?

jrules0193 says:

He’s drinking wine while giving a review.. this is weird. Doesn’t anyone else think that he’s kind of like Mark Zuckerberg? I’m just saying….

Christopher Woods says:

Just my notice from Apple that I better get anything I wanted to keep off of MobileMe. Looks like it is finally done for. Love iCloud! Nice to snap photos on my iPhone and they are already on my iMac when I get there. No syncing No worries. Makes life that much easier.

ProspectNY11211 says:

Warning :Reviewers juice may cause some rambling while reviewing apple apps and products.

George Torres says:

One thing I like about Gmail is that I can invite people to that one calendar entree and set up how many reminders they will get before the event. Inviter can respond and except. Can iCloud Calendar work this way?

Jonathan Nook says:

I bet the jocks kicked his ass at school…. so he was forced to keep his mouth shut… now he’s free to expose himself to the world… hoping he’ll be loved. Don’t worry dude, you’re loved. Well, in a nerdy kind of way anyway 😉 Maybe you can aspire to be a professor at some community college, and see the hot girls (well everyone) laugh at you. Well, because you’re funny of course.

Alex Kalyuzhny says:

Дебил Блять!

Norman di blasio says:

Dude you are a serious geek

Bin Washington says:

Im sorry, im at 2:34 and i had to make another comment. Dude chill. shit, and stop putting so much emphasis on your words.

JohannvanderZee says:

can I redownload tv show from itunes that are not on itunes anymore?

Matthieu Hammond says:

I have a couple of questions, does iCloud us up the battery faster? Is it worth the download on ipod touch 4g IOS 6 ? I only have an ipod that can support iCloud since my other iPod is the 2g..

x2436ab says:

Fuc**ng Crap!

iCloud is Nothing but Big Brother Spyware!

And every mass-media brainwashed zombie on this planet think it’s Great because it was first presented by Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs!

May that Big-Brother-paid-of-traitor scumbag Steve Jobs rest in peace!

And this sh*t-clip and this brainwashed LockerGnome-zombie stinks!

Have a nice day!

Dan you know says:

“FINGER LENGTH LINKED TO PENIS SIZE”….Go to 4:22 and freeze. LiveScience Senior Writer Stephanie Pappas writes, “Are your index and ring fingers mismatched? Congratulations, you’re more likely than men with matching digits to have a long penis.” OK, now I get the whole focus on computers thing.

sketchwish says:

this review was by Tom Delonge

anthony marquez says:

Urj just fuckin crazy!

NATEROB009 says:

Great review,
Just don’t get hooked on the free “Apple” services. Every addiction feels good at first. The true cost will be revealed sooner or later.

Tony Rickard says:

what happens to data already on mobile me

Josh D says:

i dont think thats juice..

Nicolas Brallan says:

You waste my time, you talk to much shit O.o

jizza forizal says:

this dudes a douche i dont wanna listen to it i wanna see the icloud in action!!!

ShermanMR2 says:

Good information but bad interface.

JoelB3783 says:

Can you download the music stored in the iCould from the iCloud to listen offline.

Austintatiousness11 says:

So, this is like Google docs, it takes your stuff EVERYWHERE!!!

icesvenni says:

@ericjoel29 – NOT SURE IF TROLLING!?

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