All About iCloud- UPDATED!

iCloud (especially iCloud Drive) can be confusing as hell. In this class we break it down, answer all of your questions, and give you tons of tips and tricks along the way. This class on iCloud was originally taught live on December 10th, 2014, however due to several questions that emerged after that class, David decided to recreate this class offline to include that extra information. We hope you enjoy our class on iCloud and let us know your feedback in the comments section below.

iCloud for Windows:
Our Class on Hazel:


Susan Haynes says:

Thank you. I have learned more with your videos than I ever did on the Apple site, thank you for this service.

Kiana Foster says:

Thanks for the videos but you are really confusing me with all the side efforts you make about Hazel and other items talked about in this video. I guess you are too advanced for me. I just want the basics about iCloud Drive.

uzma ali says:

i haave triеd this mеthod aaaand its work to bуpаss icloud aactivaaaаtion >> All About iClоud UPPDATEЕED

cindy conover says:


cehereo22zax5 says:

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Curtis E Garrett says:

Now that you have Gmail enabled on your Mac, will any new email to your gmail address still download to your Gmail folder?

Samantha Noble says:

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Isaac S says:


AmZeeeL says:

All you need to know about cellphone issues: search Amzeeel in YOUTUBE

vigert435fim6 says:

I=C==L=O==U==D — F=R==E==E — U=N==L=O=C==K — – T==O=O==L — — –2==0==1==7

Miguii Silva says:

If I turn on !iCloud Upload to my photo stream”, it will share the pixtures just between my iPad and iPhone, or the people that I have as “my family” will be able to see them? Thanks

katy johnson says:

Call icloud helpline number 1-888-278-0751 for any technical help and support and get easy and instant solutions.

Argyris B. says:

I am getting a new iPhone. Is there a way to only back up my photos?

MANUEL says:

Hello David. Can you explain how to delete all items (block delete) in the iCloud SENT folder? I’ve searched everywhere, and no one seems to have a solution. Thanks in advance.

Edgar Del castillo says:

Very informative…will save for future reference,
Thank you

Silvana Macri says:

Just watched your video class. It was excellent! Your voice was easy to listen to, and instructions were clear. I learned a lot. Looking forward to other classes. Thank you!

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