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Dropbox and iCloud. Both offer great cloud solutions, but in our opinion they really work best when you combine the two together. In this class, David A. Cox will show you all the strengths and weaknesses of both in order to create a cloud solution that works best for you. For example we love iCloud for contacts and calendars, but Dropbox for the fact that you gain folder structure that stays consistent between devices. David will also show you how to resolve common problems with iCloud like duplicate contacts and calendar items. Below you’ll find a plethora of links to products, other classes we’ve taught, and other items mentioned in this class.

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Our class on IFTTT (If This Then That):

Our class on Hazel for Mac:

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Our class on 1Password:

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Shannon K says:

Does iCloud use more storage as u add photos and videos???

Saved Dox says:

Dropbox is the best get a massive 20 GB here

User name: ADMIN – Password Dropbox20GBFREE

Robert Adams says:


Chronic Town says:

You mentioned GoogleDrive as a photo storage option. However, in return Google demands access everything, and permissions do with your data whatever it pleases. Is it safe, really safe, to use Google Drive?

Dropbox Admin says:

Special offer, get 50GB when signing up by following this link:

Month of June only!

Emad Ahmed says:

Can we just do iCloud sync without doing iCloud backup? Like using iCloud to sync all that stuff between devices while actually just using the device storage with iCloud only as a medium?

robert Butcher says:

How do I get the Mac dropbox software?  I went to finder and there’s no dropbox listed. I tried searching for it in finder and still couldn’t find it.

dotfuz says:

Hey David, love your channel. Watched this video in the hopes it’d clear up using iCloud Drive in comparison to Dropbox. Was wondering if at some point you’d be able to make a video about that as a direct comparison for file storage? I’m currently using Dropbox but I’m considering bumping up to the 1TB iCloud Drive option to replace it as I know many people are doing so.


Meliezza Walker says:

can you share a folder with some one who doesn’t have a dropbox account or app?

Mockbaboy says:

Just singed up with 1password (2.99$ a month) and it works wonders! Thanks for the suggestion!

Ralph Steven says:

Thanks David, great stuff. Last couple years I created a Dropbox account and uploaded folders for family photos and videos as a secure storages purpose. Now after few years later, I just access to it again, but all folders and videos contents are empty. Can you provide assistance to retrieve all my personal files?.

Krystal Patinson says:

If you are facing any issues with iCloud account then contact to the experts at iCloud Toll Free Number i.e. 1-844-449-0455.

Chronic Town says:

I’m fully invested in the Apple ecosystem. On one or another Apple-skewed tech podcast, I heard an admonition NOT to use Dropbox to BACK UP ALL ONE’S CONTENT . Any thoughts?

Chronic Town says:

You mentioned GoogleDrive as a photo storage option. However, in return Google demands access everything, and permissions do with your data whatever it pleases. Is it safe, really safe, to use Google Drive?

Long Kim says:

Join Dropbox, and for each one who installs Dropbox we’ll give you both 500 MB of bonus space.

Adelina Diaconu Adrian Marginean says:

If you want folders in icloud, install goodreader! In this case you can create folders in this app and you will have in this form in all devices!

Peter Gale says:

great video, leaning all the time.

Robert Collis says:

Though I’m a PC and Windows user I always stop by from time to time just because I enjoy watching your classes. I do believe that you are the best sites here on YouTube. Thank you.

Matthew Ladas says:

Hey David, Awesome video! I have one question though. When you use camera upload on an iPhone, all the pictures are then stored in dropbox automatically but does that allow you to delete the pictures from your camera roll allowing you to free up space on your iPhone?

Thank You in advance.

Mockbaboy says:

Thank you for a wonderful tutorial!!

Yvonne Pauchon says:

I try to go to the preference-account – but there is nothing where i can change setting .I’m working on a mac pro

Cris says:

Very helpful video

Tom Reed says:

This video stalls out on me at 1:09 in.

Elizabeth Villalobos says:

Is drop box comparable with proton says:

*iCloud Unlocker No Survey*
<==================+*The website is in my name, easy and works*

Hải Thái Thanh says:

không biết đâu là thật nên Hải phải làm vậy thôi suốt ngày bi người ta lợi dung. nên rất chán

mrjt1223 says:

Ok, I am so confused with all this iCloud/dropbox/icloud drive. I just want to have a place to back up everything on my computer so its on a portable hard drive and in space and have the ability to move between computers/ipad/iphone. Your ch is awesome, what do I do?

Allan Thompson says:

Great Video, well presented and easy to understand the useful information.

hellomsgarcia says:

If you sync dropbox to your mac, will the dropbox that’s on your macbook occupy space from the macbook?

Larry Bonar says:

Thanks David—-the “Seirra” upgrade class was outstanding especially on contrasting key advantages among various platforms, and apps.

Ellen5e says:

This was so very helpful and a great resource for when I help other endusers like myself.

EnglishMannInNewYork says:

Hello guys, I have 1.3gb worth of photos on my photo stream. How can I download all these to an external hard drive for example? Anyone knows? All I want is to download them and delete them from my photo stream. How can this happen?

Elizabeth Villalobos says:

Sorry can Dropbox work with proton

Bob says:

This excellent video is now over 2 years old, which is quite some time in technology terms. Any chance of an update, similar to your “All About iCloud – UPDATED!” video? Many thanks

Linda Claudine says:

There is a great app in the App Store for iPhone, iPad, iPod that you can synch to your computer; it also gets rid of duplicate photos. You get 12 GB free and (not sure how this works) but can earn up to 50. Of course, you can purchase, too, 1 TB/$50/yr. I use for photos, but takes music, videos (uses Air Play and has built in music player), docs, spreadsheets, etc. Folders are easy to create too. Plus it was free I believe. I also like Evernote, which I use to store my paper free office.

Joseph Law says:

Great Video.  Thanks for all the pointer on syn with IOS!

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