5 Reasons To Use iCloud Drive

Apple has set up the stage for this fall to be full of new releases, all for the betterment and ease of our everyday lives. While iCloud has been a trusty storage companion for photos and other Apple related documents, the newly announced iCloud Drive upgrades what we already know and love furthermore. In today’s video take a look at 5 ways iCloud drive will upgrade your life. Store all types of files, enjoy them across all of your devices and more in the enhanced Apple cloud service.

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Cubly says:

Good for Apple

Youtubeguy says:

Wow! Pricing is great, i love it!

Jeff Flick says:

I like it because I trust Apple more than Google or Microsoft. Also, currently I an using Box and Dropbox and the pricing for Cloud Drive looks better than either of these and I expect the security will be better as we’ll.

KingEpicGamer says:

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Debbie Beracha says:

can you please explain why it does’t give me the total storage space i have available in iCloud in iCloud Drive Folder?

Christian Barreto says:

iCloud Drive + iOS 8 App Extension = Less hours on MacBooks/Macs

TechMasterNeT says:

Bro what is the different between icloud and the this icloud

Saeedur Rahman says:

The fact that the company has been the most beautiful thing

Mark Williams says:

Given that we have Dropbox and Google Drive, the iCloud Drivve is a load of bollocks. Furthermore the images I keep seeing whereby the ‘drive’ can be opened on an iPhone does not happen on my phone. I have a 5s and have upgraded to the poxy ‘drive.’ All I can say is: what’s the f*** is wrong with Apple?   

Ad says:

Hi, my question is How I get the exact screen in 1:58, Is an app, where i find it? iCloud drive its already upgraded.

DAVIE222 says:

How don’t get it on iPad

Nick Korta says:

If I had a Mac I would use it but I’m a windows user. Its not that Windows is better it just I am a windows developer. Both are good and are useful in there own way. Also I have OneDrive for windows 8 and my windows which is integrated and I have 30 GB for free!

Matthew Green says:

Love it.  I just hope my company does not block use of it.  

thelolguy007 says:

Question – is it possible to download ‘directly’ onto iCloud?

joti prenga says:

I just bураssed the iCloоoud асctivаtiоn loоck using this tоооооl https://twitter.com/fa65b496d864a05d4/status/719223888815734785

Badazzcanbe ! says:

This is a quick, cool temporary thing for me. I want to CONTROL MY OWN FILES NOT, APPLE!! Hard drives are coming to a screeching halt and that 99 cents (cloud service) will turn into 99 dollars. Not trying to get too deep into conspiracies, BUT We are getting bullied and/or allowing the “Tech” industry to CONTROL our money, PRIVACY, and soon our files which in essence, is our lively hood. 

AL FEKY says:

How do i Access the iCloud Drive Man ?

DocHallenstein says:

I’d like to see a demonstration of how to use it. Simple step by step.

gutenbird says:

Good video but seriously that shirt.

Cheech1968 says:

As cool as it would be to have everything iPhone based…I already get 30GB free from OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive), and 15GB free from GoogleDrive. 5GB of free storage is nothing especially when it is SO easy to access, upload, download, edit, etc. on OneDrive and GoogleDrive.

Apple needs to really make it attractive by offering AT LEAST 20GB (I think 30-50 would draw people away from the other cloud storage apps) of free storage for Apple customers.

gfeoli06 says:

I bought a new macbook and apparently now, automatically all my documents are in iCloud Drive and if I click to erase form iCloud Drive it tells me it will erase it from my computer. I want to have everything in my computer and just maybe use iCloud Drive to back up some things but eventually if a delete a file from iCloud Drive I want to be sure it is still in my computer. How can I do? Thanks in advance!!!

thelolguy007 says:

Question – is it possible to download ‘directly’ onto iCloud?

Bernice Montoya says:

I think it is good info. will it work to store pictures on a servail camera?

ScrubzOnlez says:

Where are the Clouds? Oh yeah Apple took it !

pixeldreams hochzeitsfotograf says:

how can i share vids with people who have not icloud drive?

Brick Bash says:

The only problem I see here is that, while Chromebooks and some Windows portables offer free Google Drive or MS One Drive space for two years, I am not seeing Apple following with this strategy. I was using Google Drive all of the time but, now that I use MS Office 365, and MS One Drive is embedded into MS Office 365, it is just that much easier to back up my class documents to One Drive :). 

I am not bashing iCloud Drive either, I am sure it is great, just sharing my personal views, experiences. 

marco malaque says:

i have 1 one Q. if i reset factory settings my Macbook the iCloud drive also will “wipe???

Saeedur Rahman says:

the icon and the

kereth says:

Still can’t access from my iPhone.

Cunt says:

i would defenitly use that.
yay leaking personal pictures.

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David Nascimento says:
Merve yıldırım says:

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Rock'ca Holic says:

5GB? Is that a joke?

Dănuț Florian says:

It’s very expensive. 400 photos taken with my iPhone and about 15 mins of video filled all my available space. I have 100GB Free on Dropbox so i prefer using this.

Callie_Dan says:

dont trust iCloud drive – it remains confusing and is revenue trapping…

Nick Holum says:

How does security/sharing work? In google drive I can easily share a file or folder with anyone with a gmail address. Does iCloud work the same way?

justshady says:

True, I tried iCloud drive (I use all macs btw) I had numerous issues with delayed syncing or not syncing at all, but dropbox works flawlessly on 3 of my machines, even better with word documents and such.

TheSpookyWeeD says:

Bypass any iCloud Activation Lock
you need to use *DeiCxxx007* google it thats is all

Saul Tovar says:

Is iCloud drive available right now?? Because is rather use iCloud drive than Dropbox

Joeycara says:

Android is better!

Nayeli Cordova says:


alshoops30 says:

How do you access it on iPad

Charlotte Rheams says:

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