100+ New Features in macOS High Sierra

macOS High Sierra introduces many new features to Mac users. In possibly one of the largest, though largely unseen updates, here is the non-exhaustive list of everything thats new.
##Under the hood
Metal 2
Better battery
Helps VR support
Smoother graphics (like exposé)
VR support
HEVC support
40% smaller files
External GPU support
Right now only works on external displays
Uses Thunderbolt 3
Quicktime FLAC support
Quicklook FLAC support

## Safari
Better Power efficiency
Better speed
Reader Mode automatically enables
Can be specified per site
Intelligent Tracking Prevention
identifies third party cookies and removes them.
Uses local machine learning
Keeps helpful cookies
Increases privacy as well as boosting speed
Settings per-site basis
Set zoom level per site
Enable/disable notifications per site
Content blockers per site
Camera privileges per site
Mic privileges per site
Location privileges per site
Auto Reader mode

## Messages
Stores in iCloud to sync across devices
Notification lets you mark as “Read” and not just reply
## Notes
Can add tables to notes
Pin important notes to top
Highlighted searches words
## Mail
Save up to 35% of disk space
Intelligent results based on what you’ve read, who you replied to, or people on VIP list
Learns over time
Split screen view with inbox on one side, composer on the other
## Photos
More responsive
Support for HEIF images
High Efficiency Image Format
Support for gifs
New sidebar is always on
Can view photos by type (burst, selfies, Live Photos, depth effect, etc)
New Imports view
View all imports
New navigation on Photos tab
Photos, Moments, Collections, Years
Added Auto enhance button to toolbar
Rotate images from toolbar
Favorite batches of images from toolbar
Removed Details button from bottom
Edit icon changed from sliders to “Edit”
Live designator moved to the left side of image
Organize photos faster by filtering and new selection counter

2 Memory tabs (all memories and favorites)
More than a dozen new memory types (babies, pets, outdoor activities, performances, weddings, birthdays, sports)
Get info on Memories
Block Memories
Based on criteria
Play slideshow from memory

New editing layout
Tabs across top for Adjust, Filters, and Crop
Edit portrait photos
New Compare button while editing photos to see original
New Vivid filter
New Dramatic Warm filter
New Dramatic Cool filter
New Vivid Cool filter
New Vivid Warm filter
New Mono filter
New Silvertone filter
New Noir filter
Now can adjust curves
Selective color tool adjusts the hue, saturation, and luminance of one hue without effecting the rest
Finer tweaking of contrast, brightness and color
Edit images in others apps, and save back to Photos
Live Photo Loop effect
Live Photo Bounce effect
Live Photo long exposure effect
Trim Live Photos
Mute Live Photos
Select key photo for Live Photo

Plugins available for 3rd party printing apps

People album has larger faces
People album has more accurate groupings
People stays in sync across devices

Built for SSDs
64 Bit architecture
Find folder/file size instantly
Copy files instantly (under 500mb)
Built in encryption
Can take snapshots of system files which makes backups easier
Can help save some disk space since it is more efficient.
Convert drives to APFS

## iCloud
New family options for iCloud storage
Now share files with other people
“Compatible” 3rd party apps can work right within iCloud
## Siri
New Siri icon
New icon in TouchBar as well
Updated interface
Siri can now DJ
Make a playlist, play something mellow, can read album notes and tell you about songs, albums and artists
More expressive. New voice that sounds much better
Can now type to Siri (enable in accessibility)
## Spotlight
View flight path and current flight info
Presents multiple Wikipedia entries where applicable
Ask longer questions
## Finder
Slight shuffling of icons in finder toolbar
Quicklook eye icon removed by default
Order changed
Spacing modified
Task Icon in finder now allows you to Clean Up and Clean Up by type
Default Favorites includes Airdrop, Recents, Apps, Downloads
## Assorted
Take Live Photos during FaceTime
Both sides are notified a photo was taken
Universal Clipboard now works between Macs as well as iOS devices
PIP button on Touch Bar when playing videos
New macOS High Sierra wallpaper
Lock screen from Apple menu
Volume split into 2 buttons (maybe double tap to mute)
New Touch Bar button for Night Shift
New Touch Bar button for AirPlay
Bilingual English/Japanese input support
Improved Japanese video captioning
Added Hindi system language
SF Arabic system font
Info button moves to the right inside of Disk Utility
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John Lennon Fanatic says:

I cant seem to add photos to People how do i add more photos not already in there.

Diana says:

You’re Mac book didn’t look dirty. Maybe their screen was dirty. People complain of the most silly things. You’re voice is fine. All I can say about this generation it expostulates a lot.

Daniel Claggett says:

I am not sure what everyone else’s experience w/ High Sierra has been but mine has been fantastic. Main reason is because of Apple’s File System.

Boot times as well as battery life improved greatly and my macbook pro of from late 2011.

Javier Igartua says:

Hello, i got a cuestión; how do you do to open that little window with icons like shortcuts? Thanks

aditya ch says:

My mbp is HIGH now!!!

Dan Cogswell says:

OS “ecks” and Jiff?

Haruka Kagurazaka says:

I am glad that they finally brought back some useful functions of Aperture to the photo app.

Kamran Ukhtiyayev says:

go bucks!!!

Shamal Karunarathne says:

Yeah, keeping your bank PIN numbers in iCloud notes is really handy.

iPone Punker says:

it might as well be called a Sierra Service pack 2

Bobby Ball says:

Using quick-look with a flac file just highlights the time/duration of the track for me – no info whatsoever even though they are tagged AND the very annoying bug where finder doesn’t show embedded artwork in mp3/aac 🙁

Francesco Manfredi says:

Does anyone know if it’s possible to open Capture One inside Photos?

cwasdqwe says:

In practice, actually nothing has changed except for the new file systems in SSDs…

CharmCity MoJOE says:

It’s HEVC, and not HVEC. You lost my confidence from the start.

Muhammad Noor Studio says:

does photoshop cs6 works with OS High Sierra?

Aron Gatt says:

we need that external gpu through thunderbolt bolt 2 and not just 3 … it can handle a lot of stuff apart from games

Castle Black says:

Lol you talk like a bitch. What the fuck is that beverly hills bitch accent you got.
“We uhnzo hav de new-unh Medal 2” “As well-uh”

Nathan Forrester says:

Pretty handy

F ab says:

Your reading cadence needs a lot of work, its distracting. Your anunciation is not good, you sound stressed out and the read sounds rushed, which will make listeners stressed out as well. Half the time it sounds like you’re mumbling. Listen to good reads and mimick them. You need to work on relaxing, using your breathing and pauses correctly, and opening up your voice. Hope you realize this is just constructive criticism. Cheers.

DrDuu says:

How does to it work with the photo editing with third party app? You start the photo editing with e.g Pixelmator from photo app and then all changes in Pixelmator should be saved in photo app directly…but how does it work? I tried to use it with pixelmator but no changes were saved in photo app…

Abhelito Centeno says:


You can play picture in picture on YouTube videos. F*ck I love it!

Morning Glory says:

Holy shit this comments sections filled with the most reprehensible turds imaginable. I can’t believe people are THIS douchey.

GuanacoSIVAR says:

I think this update is better to have on the NEW MacBook Pro 2016, ill download it and tell you whats up…

christian ayllon says:

Hoe do you get metal 2 I have high sierra I’m trying to play fortnite but says I need to have metal 2 and doesnt support OpenGL

Otravez 39 says:

You need to speed the voice-over up.Too slow.

haosheng chen says:

No offense, but is really tired to understand your content. Learning how business presentation work may help u delivery ur content more clearly and effectively

jonox9000 says:

macOS 10.13 is the best name ever

F. says:

Pooping gay voice

Kanwar Anand says:

dude not installing it.

siloPIRATE says:

20:00 still sounds bad compared to Google Assistant

Шо по Рэпасю says:


Nelson Yum says:

Where’s the eGPU support

Year One says:

why is your MacBook so dirty man

Saqlain Haider says:

how do we deal with this feature 

kahlonel says:

+1 for playing Dota on Macbook 😀

jonox9000 says:

Why are people commenting about your voice? It sounds just fine


So many pauses while talking..

VOLT says:

dude clean this shit

poshpantspaddy says:

Where is the new picture n picture option on the MacBook with touch bar?

Samiul Suhel says:

I’m on mac os sierra, i have the message mark as read and reply feature form my notification ? :/ and you can already type to siri, well not completely type but amend what you say i suppose with the keyboard.

Mikkel Christensen says:

Hmm.. why is it not yet possible for safari to play 4K video on youtube? Even in high Sierra

Johnny Cancer says:

You can keep your High Syria. I don’t want none of that refugee crap in my good ol American Macbook! It’s an Apple MacBook, not an Ahmed Mahmoodbook.

Booben Tobi says:

Why so many negative and judgmental comments? I swear you fucks complain about the smallest goddamn things these days. If it’s not to your liking just go find another video with another person willing to take time out of his or her life to make it, only to have you point out how you hate their voice or how they should have cleaned their computer before filming or other dumb shit like that. Or better yet, YOU make the video and see what kind of trivial shit people make fun of YOU for…

binaryblog says:

Does photo app support RAW format from Canon, Nikon or other cameras?

Issie wizzie says:

sadly Siri still sucks. I asked it “when was the iPhone 4 released ” i couldn’t answer. The competitors could including Cortana

Jayden Jones says:

siri sounds absolutely terrible on my machine!

Giuseppe Ingrassia says:

You are very well informed how ever you try and cover a lot in my opinion in this one video and I am an older man and I find you speak too fast and I have to stop and go back continually, I do appreciate your efforts to better inform iMac users of High Sierra.

Keg says:

Um… I don’t watch movies. I’ve never owned a tv and I’m 47

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