Where does Amazon Lumberyard currently stand? (Review)

In this video, I will be taking a look at Amazon Lumberyard, and comparing it against Unity and Unreal Engine, discussing what it does and doesn’t do well, and whether or not it stands out as an engine.

Amazon Lumberyard download: https://aws.amazon.com/lumberyard/

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Tyrone says:

New version released 4 hours ago.

omggomb says:

Well produced video and valid points. I feel they should have waited with releasing the engine to the public until they finished replacing all the CRYENGINE systems. Right now it’s just a mess of old and new features, which I think does not really qualify as beta (generally meaning feature complete). Granted CRYENGINE was an absolute UX wreck when they got their license they did significantly improve that aspect, except for the build system, which is indeed very cumbersome to use.
One thing about the video annoyed me though: You made clear that you’re a beginner and thus might not have enough insight on things and that’s fine. But for the rest of the video it’s almost as if you’re apologizing for stating your opinion. That’s really unnecessary in my opinion. I’d claim that those who really know their stuff will rarely be making videos about it because they are too busy working on new tech, so as long as you have valid reasons for your points of critique, it’s not nit picking, it’s giving honest and productive feedback.

Bola2 Producciones says:

I spent a whole day downloading version 15 🙁

DanDoesYoutube says:

Feel free to leave your opinions in the comments here, what do you think about the engine or my opinions? Be sure to let me know!

Aaron R says:

It does support C++…

Jason Lei says:

You do need to rebuild the entire project if you add something to it… The underlying components that make up Lumberyard are written in C++ which requires compilation.

bexplosion says:

at 11:00 it sound like you say Lumberyard don’t support C++ which is not true. Look at the code folders for sample projects, there should be some cpp files. Also I think Godot and CryEngine are more popular than Lumberyard. Except for Star Citizen no big games are made with Lumberyard.

jan409 says:

at least in cryengine 2, you could add a voxel terrain that you can place anywhere and paint vegetation on.
it has been a few years since i used it, so this might be a faulty memory.

Metal Skateboarder says:

so this uses the physx api? i read somewhere particles are gpu accelerated. i was wondering if rigid bodies are cuda or opencl accelerated also. if this engine has gpu rigid bodies and particles im definitely switch over.ue4 doesnt support gpu rigid bodies yet but they do for particles! not sure about unity though.

aWildTomAppeared says:

I am trying to install v1.14.0.1 and it says i need almost 20 GB free for the install!!!

EveryPixelCounts says:

I had it installed on my old rig, and never bothered to learn it…I’ll give it time, and try some other engines first, very informative video!

Phillip Mulligan says:

Star Citizen is being developed with this game engine.

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