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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.
Learn more: http://amzn.to/2iL5v6K

Explore how millions of customers are currently leveraging AWS cloud products and solutions to build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.


Engineer School says:

Thanks team… Many thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Telegram group for learn AWS and troubleshoot AWS related errors…

Blazhe Spireski says:

Worst “explanation” for something I’ve ever seen

QUINTIX256 says:

@Alireza Aliabadi all of those are good things to be concerned about, but I doubt this is the most effective context to express them. You… wouldn’t happen to be a writer for Shanley, would you?

TuRadioLatinaMix says:

can I use WAS for streaming online radio as a server?

Kshitij Kulkarni says:

It would have been great if you had focused on explaining what AWS is rather than advertising your product.

John doe says:

Woooooow!!! The girl has serious hand skills… The handjob possibilities are endless…!

toasteh says:

This was incredibly confusing and I feel like I hate Tetris for some reason.

OlaGolme says:

This was way to complex to understand. Do they compete with godaddy?

John Tran says:

I have an account that has about 7,000+ credits for sale, willing to let go for a low price, serious inquires please, pm if you want to know more. Legit offer! Don’t let this go to waste, free money!

Alireza Aliabadi says:

This presentation is trying to create an impression that AWS is so easy that even women can build applications. It is like using an Asian person to advertise a car based on the stereotype that Asians cannot drive but this car is so easy to controls that even Asians can drive it!!!!
It is simply demeaning and degrading to women in technology fields. By the way, having a male voice as provider of this service simply suggests that men are the genius brains behind the AWS and women are just monkeys assembling some easy to use part provided by men and feel good and have a false sense of achievement.

Ajeet Patel says:


Tabs T says:

Anybody got subtitles for us lamens?

Jack Tilley says:

This is a jargin blunderbuss.

T-Bone AR says:

Maybe I’m the weird one, but I found this somewhat helpful. I stopped watching and tried to just listen to what the guy was saying…although they make it sound like AWS is the ultimate, simplest, most incredible cloud service ever, capable of any and everything. I have no experience with it so I can’t say if that is true.

Wildspacerunner Hunky says:

Star Citizen biggest and greatest game ever made will use this now.

DJ Natirixs says:

awesome video, thanks for the content on how AWS is setup! 🙂

xy9izzy says:

I wish there was an AWS for dummies sort of intro – short and sweet like this video.  hehe

Prachi Singh says:

Why’s she smiling so much? Would be much less distracting if her lips weren’t given so much expression.

Brett Swiecicki says:


Captain Obvious says:

Is this great for Tor relays and exit nodes?

David Zerhouni says:

http://jvz9.com/c/224299/222690Watch as I build an income stream from scratch in under 60 seconds

Mary Murphy says:

Thank you for including closed captioning on this one – there’s none on the AWS site

Gautam Sachdev says:

This video wasn’t helpful, too many buzz words, super fast. KISS formula

Channel Bytes says:

an animation explaination must be a glass cut,here you are confusing the whole base with its contents>>>>>this may be suitable for a geek not for a novice

Amazon Web Services says:

Want to learn more about cloud computing with Amazon Web Services? Watch this video and then sign up for tomorrow’s webinar: http://ow.ly/smgMd

Ryan Oliver says:

Nice informative video, thanks! However I feel that you guys play tetris way too much…

NEKOmancer says:

That lady playing with tetris is mysteriously hilarious.

Cedric Sarigumba says:

Thanks for this.

xy9izzy says:

Love this thank you. 

白魔啥小 shanexiiao says:

Tetris battle

syrus021 says:

i came to see what is AWS and thanx to this clip im confuse. whats up with the stupid blocks anyway?

Adel Jojo says:

I played it multiple times and didn’t understand shit! either this is a horrible explanation or I am a way too stupid.

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