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Sure you use Amazon to buy everything from soap to science fiction. But did you know you can use Amazon’s AWS to cheaply host your website? We’re going to show you how to set up hosting for a static website with Amazon’s AWS.

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Augusto Valdivia says:

Thank you for sharing. where did you get the website template from?

Minister Bo says:

Excellent – Thorough & Compelling – I took the plunge and created a static site.

Robert Carter says:

Can I run php, mysql scripts with S3 or do I need to use something different?

Rob Ward says:

I wonder what happens if someone deliberately targets your website with millions of read requests? What’s the cost in that case?

B. Clark Atkins says:

Great – very informative I may try this – do you know if AWS offers a sort of shopping cart for a WordPress site installation?

jburns47 says:

Thanks for the very clear intro. Interesting possibilities. I’m getting ready to host a small static website. What about security of the website after posting?  I’d like to have links to YouTube for example. Do you have a primer like this for what the files you uploaded in the example should contain and how they should be prepared? Thanks again.

Chris Brown says:

Great video. Thanks

youdjparents says:

thank you for demystifying this

Noitaleve R says:

i am using Namesecure as my registrar. I see no option to use “CNAME” as a method to forward…..only DNS options. am i missing something?

Shaun Snapp says:

Best video I have seen on this topic. Thanks much!

Augusto Valdivia says:

I cant find the table with the different prices that you mentioned in this video. please advise and thank you

Branford Shaw says:

“on the cheap”

Groud Frank says:

This is incredibly detailed and informative. Thank you.

yoboverthetop says:

Excellent. Thank you.

Luis Daniel Soto Estrada says:

What do you mean with “ad-suported social media site”?

Mark Abramovitz says:

Take a look at this

Archie Wei says:

I’m more interested in EC2 and others for small business.

CW says:

Can I use this method to open a small store? I want to close my eBay store and create a sales website for myself.

developers developers says:

Can you please show us how to do it without www ? Please!

rtdesign says:

And why would I trust amazon?

Karunakar says:

Only one video which clarified many doubts about amazon s3. Best video. Thank you very much keep uploading. Subscribed with the Notifications on…!

Helen C Rosero P says:

The cost is very important to know, thank you Jacob Robbins for the awesome explanation!! 😉
I’m wondering now if I have uploaded my website and it has a blog content and I need writing a post per month even uploaded a new picture into my portfolio section because I have got a new customer so I would like to show it on my page, what should I do to upload this new contend? Could it be deleted all my page by 1 hour while I put this contend into my IDE (sublime text ) Any idea? 🙂

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