Introduction to AWS Lambda – Serverless Compute on Amazon Web Services

AWS Lambda is a compute service that runs your code in response to events and automatically manages the compute resources, making it easy to build applications that respond quickly to new information. Learn more:


Sergey Alekseev says:

Bring Ruby support please 🙂

Brian Foody says:

Love this video! Do you mind me asking what software you used to produce it?

A. S. says:

– how this differs from old php-like hostings, heroku, etc?
– can I setup lambda on my serverOpenStack?

Anup Yadav says:


Usama Saeed says:

very nice

K says:

can lambda have a HEV suit and kills combines

Skender Kollcaku says:

Great animation! 🙂


Mike 5000 says:

doesn’t firebase already do this basically?

Rohan Khanolkar says:

this function will sysadmin jobless

Flip Tube says:

You need to know Node.js, python or Java for compiling into lambda

naveen kutti says:

good it is very useful

Jay P says:

This video… is pretty cute. One thing about Lambda is how well it runs untrusted code. For example, if you provision an arbitrary lambda function to run with 128MB and 1 compute unit, with a timeout of 3 seconds, it is possible for the function to eat up resources beyond the limits, and is it possible to get charged if the function doesn’t respond to a kill signal at 3 seconds?

For example, a malicious function might run an intense CPU task which might take long for AWS to kill. If AWS’s kill signal is not implemented well, is the developer charged for the spillover in resource and compute time? What if the untrusted function writes megabytes of data to the system.out, and you have logging enabled? Are there easy ways to mitigate these types of attacks? Will the developer be forced to parse out any system.out statements in untrusted code?

As a developer, if I set a timeout for 3 seconds, there’s no way I would want to pay for 20 minutes if the function stopped responding. This is one potential concern for using Lambda. It would be nice if AWS addressed these concerns.

Alexey Podkopay says:

Great video, defiantly like from me)
Check this about AWS, how to reduce app development cost:

Venkat K says:

Very Nice Video. Good and Easy Explanation.

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