How to Host Your Website for free – Amazon Free Tier on AWS

Learn how to use Amazon Web Services to host a website for free on AWS Free Tier. Learn more:


marketingconsultantp says:

I tried this and got billed because I forgot I had already launched an instance on my account. Also, after I setup my blog, I couldn’t setup a CNAME within my namecheap account.

I just wish they had a tutorial on how to setup the CNAME so we can point our domain to the amazon website instance link.

Nestor Diaz says:

I’m looking to get a simple website for my brand. How much is Amazon web hosting after 1 year?

Vito Mule says:


Dinesh Madhup says:

If i have my own domain, example then how can i host my website.

Eyad R. Manaa says:

Great, but i want to know how to host my website on windows..

type0hh says:

Well I could but if your asking questions like that your just going to run into another roadblock.These things are in the video also. You really need to read some guides offered on this stuff. I can’t really go through all the things about administrating a web server in a YouTube comment.

JohnBee says:

Are the web servers hardened or is it up to the client to deal with that?

Alex Van Winkle says:

Thank you. I’ve been wrestling with the ssh portion for about 4 hours. your lower case -i solved my problems. Ciao

Ashok Hadwale says:

Hi I have Linux Godaddy web hosting. I want move it on Amazon web hosting how can I do it . please help me

Dhiren Chouhan says:

awesome. thanks for the useful post. I on my way to try some of the free AWS.

Alfredo De Luca says:

Thanks Simone. That was great!! Grazie

Giulliano Rodrigues says:

Very nice presentation. Could you create one for a subsite / subdomain in the same instance. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.

Traditional2Trendy Com says:

hello Simone, Nice presentation 🙂 We just signed up for AWS and we would like to have some help to set up AWS for our existing ecommerce website. Currently we are hosted by ‘big rock’. We are looking forward to get shifted to AWS as we are looking forward for faster perfomence of our website. It would be great if you provide us face-to-face assistance to get it done! Thanks!

will ruff says:

Trying to upload my website this way right now – I’m confused about where the zip file is when you “wget” it. You say “download the zip file content into your website” but I’m not sure where I was supposed to upload it to the web. DId I miss something?

Fausto Ruiz M. says:

I got lost when he entered that “/var/w3/html” stuff… I’m a Windows 8 user. I’m not a Linux user. Do you know how to continue? Where should I put my files in order to continue?

Prakash Sanjel says:

how to make free account on amazon web service without credit card, I want to do some test for my application…

Govardhan Hazare says:

awesome.. great information than you

Cez Pablo says:

can you help on migrating an existing website to the amazon aws ec2? I have the AWS EC2 instance UP and Running but don’t know where to start on the migration.

type0hh says:

A couple of you were lost on where the hell /var/ww/html/ is. He doesn’t mention you need to install apache first generally to already have it. If you have dabbled in web servers before, you will recognize this. I’m speaking for default aws linux install, fyi.

Ma Chi says:

no, u will be charged without alarm, according to someone’s experience

avi nash says:

how do you i add my domain name to my free hosting website

Rick Beacham says:

no, but cheap and the service runs the same.

Kris Wright says:

that’s great. except the web directory is not in /var on the Ubuntu version.

zac eriwata says:

All it seems to want is my credit card details? I just want it to link it with the amazon ‘publisher’ widget or plugin. Does anyone understand what I’m getting at?

Gowtham Sen Potnuru says:


Rick Beacham says:

WordPress sites are targeted by bots. I guess you could just filter the bots out with a firewall or htaccess?

Hans Hauge says:

where is it? same issue here

Tony Pieri says:

So, what if I have my own web app that I want to host on here? You just used wget to get a free one from AWS. How can I get my files from my PC uploaded to my EC2 instance?


Thank you Simone, have you a video, whith describe how to use de load balancing an high disponibility in AWS?

lastnoel says:

excellent tutorial.

Fausto Ruiz M. says:

I’m really lost here.. I’m using Windows 8 64bits. Should I install Apache on my PC in order to work?

Manh Hiep says:

Thank you so much

Rick Beacham says:

Or use SSH secure shell for windows free version or PUTTY. Ming32 also has ssh by default. Just type SSH.

Ma Chi says:

you can use rz sz from terminal when you have logined into your virtual machine using ssh.
On Ubuntu, you can install it by command: sudo apt-get install lrzsz

Saurav Sen says:

Don’t show video

Sachin Kumar says:

Great Video Tutorial, thanks so much

Fausto Ruiz M. says:

do you actually NEED to use that console? Is it an easier and modern way to do that? Let’s evolve from console!

Rick Beacham says:

Big problem i see if you use wordpress, bots can scrap your site more then you might want them to. Not sure what to do about ? Any ideas?

Rick Beacham says:

in the browser you can right click on the instance and use the java app make sure you update your java. In the menu select the plugins section and select SMTP or FTP etc.. The java app is similar to SSH Secure Shell. Very easy to use.

Rick Beacham says:

There is a easy to use Java app. Right click on the ec2 instance and select connect .

Rich LoNigro says:

i get a forbidden error when trying to connect to the webpage zip

Arunkumar Goge says:

Is it possible to map the public dns to a domain name like example dotcom ?

blasttrash says:

After a year, will I have to pay them for sure or can I just opt out?

panner23 says:

Get a job

Pramod Gaikwad says:

Bt how to do in win dows

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