How AWS Certifications affect your salary

If you’re preparing to take the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam, you’ve probably thought a lot about what your future will be like after you’re certified. When people think of getting an AWS certification, they think about how it will change their lives: having new skills and expertise, employers lining up to offer dream jobs, and earning a better salary.

You’ve probably heard all the statistics about Certified Solutions Architects making six figures ( and getting so many job offers they don’t have time to review them all. And you’re probably wondering: what will my paycheck look like after I pass the exam?

I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news–it will look exactly the same. Find out why in this video.


daniel smith says:

Thank you Phil! I feel much more relaxed about going forward.

Neil Hamshaw says:

AWS Certification is more a tool for employers rather than us , the ‘grunts’. Employers like Certified staff because the more AWS Certified staff they have, the company can get better access to partnership competencies and through that, access to bigger clients. It is unlikely that you will get paid any more money, but some might offer a small incentive payment to get certified. So if you’re being pushed towards certification, it’s for the company’s benefit, not necessarily yours.
Oh, and having AWS certs certainly does not get you a foot in the door towards a job with AWS. A number of AWS staff I know don’t have any certifications! Just saying 😉

Rezwan says:

Thanks a lot for your tips Phil. They sound very practical and effective.

I have a couple of questions. For someone who wants to make a career on cloud from a non-IT background, how does he prepare himself? Does he need to learn programming or linux system administration first? Is getting one or two AWS certifications alone is good enough to get a job?

Robert Foster says:

National Average: $121,781 for the AWS / SA

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