Getting Started with AWS | Amazon Web Services BASICS

Let’s dive right into the basics of AWS so that you get a quick overview over what AWS actually is, what you can do with it and how it works!

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Example Project (don’t forget to unzip + rezip!):

Some useful AWS Articles:
– Getting Started:
– Infrastructure:
– Pricing:
– More on EC2 (since I show it in the video):
– More on Elastic Beanstalk:

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Hello World says:

How to close an account when you don’t want to use AWS? Is any option to do that to prevent charging your creadit card?

Abdul says:


Drive Buss says:

i got confused!!

appeshreddy penumullu says:

Good to understand basic concepts , Thank you.

Alex Smith says:

Hi, very cool video! At 21:54min you sad you show how to host webpages that use MongoDBs. Where can I find this video? 🙂

Anthony Calderaio says:

Dude thank you

Derek Gilbert says:

Arrived at this video only because of the awesome thumbnail


Thanks for this tutorial. It’s really helpful for beginner like me. By the way, do you have a tutorial for hosting in AWS with database? If you have one, please give me the link. I searched on you channel but couldn’t find one. TIA. 🙂

roff poff says:

what is the downside compared to other cloud solutions like SPRING ?

Dennis Rasmussen says:

Thank you so much! This made AWS less scary to look at !

sundeep peethala says:

Hi Max, You are Super I have seen all your courses in UDEMY. I brought Angular 6 , Mean Stack course and MongoDB course(which was released by you recently) . I searched for AWS course also but I didn’t find. Can you give me link for AWS course to buy and learn

Adam Olsen says:

Thanks dude

yuvraj says:

Hi, I want to deploy my spring boot and angular 5 app on aws. You have any reference for that.

Kazi Nayem says:

Awesome, Plz give me the next tutorial link

Christopher Krah says:

That’s a wrong explanation of what regions and AZs are. Regions are not data centers.

Fabiano Nalin says:

Could someone pass me a tutorial that works like publishing using dotnetcore without Visual Studio?

Manish Vashisth says:

good video

Yến Nguyễn Thị says:

always feel funny when see you guide in each video, it attracts me.
So i often like the video before watching

John Smith says:

I learned more in this 27 minute video about aws then I did using amazon’s aws training service for a few hours.

Abdelhalim Hafid says:

Sprichts auch noch Deutsch ?

Praveen Kumar says:

Hello Sir,

How to get AWS EC2 Instance id in PHP
, using SDK. I have elb(load balance) with 3 Instance. I want to identify request.
If I call my web URL than is call from 1 first than I got Instance ID “i-0156485DF12” if call from 2 Instance than got “i-0156485DF13” like.

Please help me –

Vikash Agrawal says:

Thank you so much, it’s really awesome video!!!

terpenstien says:

awesome can easily deploy DDos aps amd RATs just using tinyurl and twitter bots

Daggawaggaboof says:

Lol! This is the first time I find a good Youtube channel only after buying one of its courses. Usually it’s the other way around

Samuel Nord says:

Hi Max, thanks for the intro. What is your personal opinion about self development when it comes to AWS and becoming certified, any experience with this course for example:

share apps3 says:

well done amazing topics

Jonathan Thompson says:

This is amazing and exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!

share apps3 says:

Hi, can u do more about AWS because its really mysterious for newbies, even for someone who has already fiddled with some coding, THANKS IN ADVANCE Sir

Vishvapalsinh Paramar says:

You have just break the barrier between me and aws by making this video. Danke Max.

Hamed Pour says:

I love you Max!! Thank you

Naumce Ivanovski says:

Great video

Lawrence Gelder says:

Great introduction to getting started with AWS.

Abdullah Moiz says:

This is by far the best video on aws I have seen
Brilliant work

farbod Aprin says:

you are great man <3 any one knows how to quickly start backend on AWS java ?

Mohit Jain says:

@Academind How to use mysql database with node js on AWS?

Alana Weaver says:

Do you have a course on Udemy to learn Java for Android Development?

Dane whirl says:

The content is easy to follow… Great job done. Thanks for sharing content like this…

Dhanish Sharma Channel says:

Mr Max can you please call me at +91-7011518304 I am interested to join AWS Mining business

Achraf ELKHANDOULI says:

awesome ! we really need other tutorials from you

Michael Nthodi says:

Like always great tutorial Max.

Jack Johnston says:

Yes well organized and presented tutorial and it’s current. Would recommend…

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