EC2 for Humans | Amazon Web Services BASICS

AWS EC2 is one of the most important services AWS offers. Getting started with it can be simple and hard at the same time. With this video, we’ll focus on the simple part. And make the hard part simple, too.

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Connect to EC2 from different OS:
Setup LAMP Stack on EC2:
chmod on Windows:
Understand the AWS Free Tier:
More about AWS EC2:
More about AWS EBS (Elastic Block Storage):

Other useful AWS Articles:
– Getting Started:
– Infrastructure:
– Pricing:

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Ronnel Ocampo says:

very good

Sarkis Melkonyan says:

Will you cover Lamda / microservices? Thanks!

SakeGamer says:

Hello..Anyone can tell me how i can my downloaded 4 gb game transfer from amazone ec2 to My own pc…Copy paste method is taking 4 5 hours….plz help me

Manas Nagpure says:

Great video, as always!

Chhunlong Phan says:

How to deploy laravel to aws EC2?

Milan M says:

Great as always!
Hope to see soon some “real-life” project using JS (node, react…), similar to shopping-cart.
Good work boys

Deep SiderZ says:

Hi, thank you for your videos. Will you cover elasticsearch and SQS services ? I already use EC2, S3 and CloudWatch but I want to use SQS in my project but I have no idea on how I can achieve this.

Sergei Mikhailovsky says:

Hi, Max. I was watching your channel since two years already. And I found, most valuable information I’ve got from you. You do great job. Thank you very much! I will definitely sign up for your lessons. You are the best!

Giovani Generali says:

Nice introduction and very helpful, thanks a lot.

Dennis Adames says:

Hello Maximilian, your videos have been a great guide and really helpful. I have a question for you. I want to create a EC2 to live stream videos that I run 24 hours a day on a specific website or upload them in any way and connect them to the website in question. Could you let me know how I could achieve this through AWS? I would really appreciate any type of guidance you can provide. Thank you in advance.

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