Cloud Wars: Amazon (AWS) vs. Google (GCP) vs. Microsoft (Azure)

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During this 30-minute webinar from January 13, 2016, Jeremy Cioara, Garth Schulte, and Ben Finkel compare and contrast Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure — three of the leading cloud platforms on the market. You’ll learn what features the three share, what features help them stand out, and how they can benefit you and your organization.

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Shankar Banavasi says:

I love these guys!!!!hahaha:-)

Gregor Ch says:

Aweful sound. Thumbs down

prathamesh sawant says:

Next time invest on a good MIC !

vikram jeet says:

very interesting and knowledgeable video. thank you so much

headshot9 says:

Funny that people still think that Gartner is not bias. Gartner is all about $$$ that the vendors pay. When I was in Anaplan with paid them large $$$ so they will create a category tailored to our solutions, this way we were on to top. Open your eyes, it is all about the money – do your own research.

kuksenko116 says:

Microsoft Azure is for Enterprise level.
Amazon is for small business level.
Google is for every day person to store their pictures.

sunil s says:

Do this cloud technologies will beat the existing storage,backup technologies? (veritas,netapp,emc)

Jacqueline walker says:


Ricardo Sanchez says:

Azure AD is the killer app for enterprise. It enhances identity and security in a major way.

Robert Scarborough says:

Sound wasnt too good but good info. Im kind of trying to decide between CCNA and AWS. I know networking is going to be around and all that but I dont have a cert at all. Been in IT since 1999 but mostly telecom with some Data Center Monitoring and testing too. Right now Im doing Telecom/Network Infrastructure work. Jeremy is right AWS and Cisco roles are two different things it seems. Looks like its more DevOps type stuff with AWS. Looks like I may have to learn a language like Python first before going the AWS path maybe. I could be wrong but it involves a lot of automation/migration with apps. Anyway im going to check out Good stuff for AWS there. Im still learning about Cloud technologies.

Ron says:

Microsoft coming in with the hard sale!


good mic

Searce Demo 100 Demo says:

Thanks for the Video team.

Nicely covered.

Rykel Lim says:

It is interesting to see how Microsoft is struggling to regain a foothold in a world dominated by non-Microsoft advances, and how the company is embracing previously reviled technologies such as Linux. On one hand, one part of me cries, “Hypocritical!” and wishes that Microsoft finds itself too late to be forgiven, but on the other hand, Microsoft throwing its weight behind open source and giving Google etc. a run for their money is a competitive necessity in a healthy economy. I wish that Microsoft continues down this path and indeed contributes more code to the FOSS community in time to come.

cloudedits says:

Some nice stuff here; thanks for sharing……..think its a tough call for AWS; fight on Azure to google for the infrastracture

Awesome Dave says:


Chirag Nayyar says:

Great talk.

atk326 says:

Can someone give me a scenario or two for using cloud computing (specifically in a mobile app)? I’m trying to decide if I will need to incorporate it into an app that uses table views to dynamically display photos and text in cells.

Of course, I shouldn’t package the data with the app so it makes sense for it to be stored in a “cloud”/database. It seems that Google’s Firebase will meet my needs but why would I consider using one of these services instead? Thanks!

Vicki Roberts says:

Love the cross company collaboration in this competitive space, good work!

Jacob Forer says:

Very nice vid. Love the white paper reference. Thanks guys.

Anthony Henderson says:

Microsoft’s is a total mess. They have tried to take something that is far too broad and deep in scope and create a GUI to make it accessible to noobs. In reality their labyrinth caters to neither noobs nor developers as its impossible to navigate. As usual Microsoft tries to be all things to all people and it just doesnt cater to anyone! If you want to spend your time developing rather than spending it trying to pre-learn a developer interface with a view to developing at some time in the unforeseeable future, then choose AWS. Cant speak for Google, might give a website a blast on it and see how it compares. AWS is brilliant.

Ricardo Sanchez says:

Quick observation, if you get into cloud computing to save $ then you are doing it wrong. The cloud is more about agility for your business; the ability to scale or create new business models much faster than traditional businesses at Global scale e.g. I can stand up a web site/business halfway across the globe within a couple hours. Literally. Show me an existing business that can do that with their current IT operations.

Andrew Rossiter says:

How come the percentages added up to more than 100 ?

Billy Rowe says:

Good is ahead no doubt.
I love it.

So many features.

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