AWS Lambda Tutorial: Lambda + Serverless = HAPPY

In under 10 minutes, we’ll have a production and staging server running on AWS Lambda using Serverless.

This AWS Lambda tutorial shows how powerful functions as a service are and how easy it is to get up and running with them.

The Serverless framework helps you get up and running in production in 3 commands. (2 if you already have the AWS CLI installed!)


Marc Cawood says:

What’s “serverless” about this?? All you did was make services which run on a server!

Patrick McDowell says:

10 minutes well spent watching this video !

Smith Com says:

to all tutorial makers in the world, kindly consider mobile viewers when you create videos

bhaskar mannava says:

can we combine server-less with express ?

TelosMedia.Org says:

Thanks for the tut!!! Cannot fully understand what it is… Can I develop an app using Express and deploy it on AWS Lambda using Serverless??? Or it is something else???

zhang wei says:

wow man your tutorials are just awesome.Please teach us pyhton from scratch

Patrick McDowell says:

Great, quick, to the point Explanation of how to run Lambdas from the Command Line.. Please do more

Nazmus Sakib says:

I can’t see (Blurry) anything without 720p !! Can you make the sceencast so that it can be clear in 360p ?
Great video btw… 🙂

Vignesh Sivakumar says:

But can it serve a webpage built on Angular?

Noah Nobody says:

It’s an interesting concept. I wonder if you need to leave your CC details to tap into that free threshold?

elbitapmoC says:

So much stuff I’m trying to learn all while make projects. It’s hard to keep up w/ technology and it’s updating.

objectperson says:

Excellent stuff. Very straightforward and easily digestible. You are a great presenter!

mohsen kamrani says:

After 10 months still a good starting point… thanks for sharing

John Breitley says:

White space cleanup is a white privilege!! Thats becouse you fucking white male!!

saumil kapadia says:

amazing man. I keep referring this video whenever i forget to do something !!

Shubham Malik says:

how did you write the lambda + serverless with characters in such a big font??

bhaskar mannava says:

Thanks for the video. is there anyway to test locally without deploy.

Ahmed Hammad says:

Thank you so much. In no time we have serverless functions, wow.

Pinik Manob says:

what about firebase ?

Richard Torcato says:

these services scare me. You are locked into AWS and can’t leave.

Joe Astrahan says:

can this work with Docker?

Emre Tekince says:

Isn’t Digitalocean simpler and cheaper than AWS?

bohussaain says:

I love your videos, thanks. I have some questions:

Do you recommend AWS for newbies with no backend languages background or do you recommend learning them? like nodejs and express.
Will you have more in-depth video on how to use AWS to run javascript logic? What about storage? Also, do you recommend AWS over firebase?

JACK FAT says:

nice video I learn so much

Fredrik Johansson says:

Great tutorial & tempo! Right to the point in 10 minutes.

Zox's Visuals says:

…maybe i just should use Wix

Miguel Ángel García Calderón says:

Good video I have a question, can I run a binary script from node using Child Processes?

Denis Gantsev says:

camelCase in url path? heresy

Blake Wight says:

Serverless always prompts me for some path variable, and then ends up doing nothing. Idk why.

Nafis Hasnian says:

How can i send a index.html file which has images and css files in assets folder?

Crypto Chan says:

I swear that’s a great name. Lambda FUNCTIONAL programming!

Jonathan Mosley says:

Can you deploy something like an angular app as a Lambda?

bhaskar mannava says:

do you have or recommend any github boilerplate (starter kit) with express + serverless + jwt

cihancil says:

What if I need some libraries from npm? Does Serverless handle deploying all the dependencies?

shkelqimAliu says:

Serverless aka the end of server administration ?

maric chen says:

good video!!!

Rustam Apaev says:

Hi! thanks for tutorial. How did appear your functions on AWS site in Lamda/Functions? Automatically after runing this console commands? Or you added it by hands in web interface. In my AWS didn’t appear any functions (there is 0), but I did everything from this tutorial

Daniel Dosen says:

Do you know if AWS will have formal support for the likes of go (google!) or elixir?

sabiha taskin says:

can i write a lambda function of mqtt pub to kinesis in node.js?

Cosme Chavez says:

y u not use vscode’s command line? D:

Ilia Malchenko says:

Excellent tutorial – concise and to the point. The technology is super slick!

kai13man says:

Thanks for the vid,really broke it down for me…I do have a question when would you choose serverless over server code?Is cost the only criterion or are there other criteria?

just for says:

i have enabled s3 event based lambda fucntion. whenever i put(upload) file to s3 bucket it triggers lambda function.
and i also get logs for all triggered events in cloudwatch.
but for sometime when i upload file it doesn’t trigger lambda function , and i also don’t see any logs for that

how do we trace non-triggered lambda function.???

Shital Pimpale says:

very useful

P Prakash says:

Thanks. that is something I wanted to watch

mirampalli srinivas says:

in private cloud can we do serverless programs ? if yes then what are the key and secret keys

IJustLearnedHowTo DotCom says:

And computing comes around full circle! When I was a freshman in college, we were learning on an IBM 360 mainframe. Part of our grade was optimizing our code to reduce run time (and by extension, costs). The “PC Revolution” swung into full gear when I was a junior and I noticed code got really sloppy really fast. Now we’re back to paying for memory and CPU time. Optimizing code is now back in fashion. I think it’s awesome!!!!

Isaac Manubag says:

what wizardry is this!!! so cool

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