AWS Exam Tips: Certified Solutions Architect

I just passed my AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam. Really excited about passing on the first try, so I made this video to just give some tips on how I passed the exam.

Good luck to all of you planning on taking the exam!!

Check out this article:

Thank you for watching!!

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CJmiami007 Mastaf says:

Keep going u r the best

Phil Steadman says:

I’m half way through as well. Totally recommend

Andrew DeFaria says:

I also got the Solutions Architect cert and yes through too. Been working on the Sysops Admin cert which is really tuff…

Cătălin George Feștilă says:

Congratulations. Most aws servers is just for some area in Europe, I don’t seen aws servers to the eastern part of Europe. The amazon works good on US with Prime features.

Banana in Condom says:

Did anyone else think this exam was incredibly easy? Tip 1: The answer is always “dynamodb”.

Roger Tiwari says:


Bipin Shakya says:

congrates dear….

bigvirgotube says:

I wonder if the Amazon services videos they have, and the lab, would work as well? Thanks! I’ll get into that book.

Faruk Mamaniat says:

Congratulations on your pass. I’m also using acloudguru, CloudAcademy, Linux Academy for studies. Backspace for questions and DolfinEd to fill in the gaps.

Rodrigo Monteiro says:

I’ve did almost same process last year, A Cloud Guru 2016 training twice during vacations and one read on the book as it was fresh out of the presses. A Cloud Guru is the most valuable training in my opinion, doing the labs twice helps greatly learning AWS and lately, the book helps assessing readiness for the exam. I got some new material not covered in A Cloud Guru at the time, but Ryan has updated it and I redone it this month to recall what I’ve learned last year, catch up and be safe to start studying to Developer Associate exam and the others. Thanks for the video and sharing experience :).

Streunekater says:

Wow, nice. Congratulations! 🙂

cewa44 says:

Congratulations 😀

Kernel Panic says:


Srikanth says:

Congratulations… i am also an aws certified solution architect – associate too… welcome to the club…btw… Great channel and content… thank you so much for the uploads…cheers.

craigjm25 says:


福貓貓 says:

wow good job done, actually you do not need any certification.

Peng Ye says:


Dwayne Salmon says:

Congrats, gearing towards this exam

Super Man says:

Congratulation. Taking your CIT360 class was the best thing it could happen in my career. That was my first interaction with AWS 🙂 Right now I have a job where I mainly use AWS and I am hoping to get my certificate before the end of the year 🙂

ShaTer says:

Congratulation Tanya, thanks for giving us good info vid tut every time 🙂

Cesar Rodriguez says:

Hello, first at all, congratulations!!!, Im using the same resources, a cloud guru and “AWS Certified Solutions Architect Official Study Guide: Associate Exam”, but since the guide is edited on october 2016 and the a cloud guru videos are not allways up to date.. Im a bit concerned about having some outdated resources.. did it worked fine for you?.. another quick question, did you wenth throug the FAQ os the services as the recomnend in aclougguru?


Ernie Hadley says:

Congratulations, Tanya. I’m looking at doing this in the coming year…you are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your expertise and insights with us.

Sgt USMC says:

Congratulations!!! 3:07 did you remember?

Bryan Roper says:

Awesome overview! I sit the exam this Thursday and this gave me a lot more confidence!

Marty Perry says:

Hello…new to your channel and I highly appreciate your tutorials… I am a linux enthusiasts and still love how you detail your experience in your videos.

James Cain says:


Peter Le says:

congrats, I’ve signed up to a cloud guru and also looking to go for my cert for solution architect too. thanks for the video!

Todd Welch says:

I am using ACloudGuru also, it is such a great course. You can now subscribe to them (Monthly) and get great information. AWS Educate is also a good resource.

AmjD S says:

yeah i use the cloudguru as well.they are great

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