AWS Certified Developer Associate Beta Exam – First Impressions

Our new technical instructor Faye Ellis and Ryan Kroonenburg discuss their first impressions of the new Certified Developer Associate Beta Exam.

AWS Certified Developer Associate Beta Exam Blue Print:

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Vikram Pulla says:

Thanks Ryan and Faye!

Pranit Raje says:

Hey Ryan, thanks for the update about new exam… Where would you keep this new developer beta exam wrt difficulty level among all 3 Associate exams? Will SysOps still be the hardest of all 3 Associate exams or it’ll be this new Developer exam?

Sarah Brittan says:

When will this new course be released? I’d like to start on the new content ASAP.

Pranit Raje says:

And it’s released…
When are you gonna release the new course team?

BKPro24 says:

I sat for the AWS Dev Beta exam yesterday and must say it heavily involves Lambda, Cloud Watch, API Gateway, Code Deploy, Code Pipeline, Code Commit, Beanstalk, DynamoDB, and Security services (IAM, Cognito, STS, etc.). It’s not enough to just know these services, you must also understand how they interact with each other (especially using API’s).

Dante' Smith says:

Curious when you are releasing the new exam study materials?

Satish Gunda says:

Is the new course ready?

CloudNoob says:

Looking forward to the new course! Do you recommend sitting the non beta current exam before it gets updated? Is it easier now than it will be in 6 months?

usynn stradler says:

is the old exam going to be REPLACED by this exam (which is harder)?

irulz says:

When AWS will rollout new exam ? You said from July onwards , the Beta will become the actual exam ? Right ?

Rodrigo Monteiro says:

Thank you very much for the effort, amazing report, and the impression I get is that the new exam reflects what AWS development is today. It is positive change and differentiation from CSA. All new to me being in infrastructure last few years, so I am looking forward new course to learn more about the new services! If we’re talking about CodeDeploy, Star, Cloud9, etc… it will be very interesting course and exam, pushes ahead more native cloud services.

FatBoyNotSoSlim says:

Thanks Faye, Thanks Ryan.

Nandini Vijayaraghavan says:

Hey Ryan and Faye, Thanks for the update! I have registered for the old exam and do not find my course material on Udemy anymore. Can you please help me access the older content?

Eliana Hebrew says:

What if you purchased the old course but aren’t ready to take the exam until after the Beta becomes the regular test, will our course be updated as well?

Gopalakrishnan S says:

Hi Ryan, Are there any changes to solution architect associate Certification?

Andrew Brown says:

I can say that right now the 2018 Developer Course on A Cloud Guru won’t prepare you adequately for this exam. There was lot of questions about gaining access across multiple AWS accounts. There was in-depth question on Kinesis. There were multiple questions where you had to understand Policy and other configuration files. I’d say most of the exam tips even with them refresh for this exam are not relevant and really for the old exam. I did not have to compute ProvisionedThroughput once. Very few DynamoDB questions. I had study well beyond this course, I would say the whitepapers aren’t enough and you have to have more practical knowledge.

Derek Monaghan says:

Agreed, I sat the beta and it was vastly different than what I expected. Thanks for the overview Faye and Ryan!

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