AWS (Amazon Web Services) Introduction

What is AWS?
-Global Data Centers
AWS vs. Linode/ Digital Ocean
-IaaS vs. VPS
Benefits of AWS
-Highly Scalable
-TCO is Generally Lower Than Private Infrastructure
-Highly Reliable for Price Point
-Centralized Billing and Management
Problems with AWS
-Lock In
-Learning Curve
-Building Correct Infrastructure
-Cost Adds Up…
Pricing of AWS
-Compute Pricing
-Storage Pricing
-Bandwidth Pricing
-Interaction Pricing
Migrating to AWS
-Can Be As Simple As A Normal Migration
-For Full Benefits You May Need To Reimagine/ Rebuild Entire Architecture
Certification / Education



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Niroop Bs says:

Great introduction on AWS. Thanks!!!
Currently I’m working for IT networking, if you did this certification, it helps for my career growth ?

smonkey001 says:

The catch you of any Cloud is that your apps on there has to be stateless( e.g. no local file IO, no stateful variables ) and resilient in order to survive and benefit from the Cloud. Many legacy apps are not like that at all.

Rajat Sharma says:

Hey Eli, great class, thanks! If we have a .net app using sql server back-end, is Azure a better fit since its all Microsoft, or should we also consider AWS ?

aluh johnson says:

ELi you are amazing in all your tutorials… you align me so well with your articles

shankar thoutam says:

Does AWS require programing skills??

Ankita Sinha says:

good video

Acidmardigras says:

Eli, I am not a gay man. I love you Eli! Dude. I watched so many other videos….I am not anti-Indian. It’s just that the accent alone is disengaging. You relay and TEACH magnificently. You know you do. You are void of ego. You have single handedly given many people careers to support their families. For this, I….”we” thank you. Sincerely.

VATechAlum says:

Excellent Overview Eli! Nice work!!

Paul Barrett - Alexander Technique says:

Eli – my files from AWS won’t appear in my AVD S3 account – would you know how to remedy that ?

fabslyrics says:

Somehow, I m not sure if we can trust GAFAs like Amazon to dump on to their data center Our proprietary higher values algos or data just for the sake of having a cheap reliable highly availbilty Hard Drive or just computing power for an extra CPU with ram we dont have . Maybe I Got to love changing power supplies at night … but I think the question of confidentiality and intellectual property over having its own confidential material used on these clouds is worth asking ? Thanks Eli

Malachy Caldwell says:

Extremely good high level intro to AWS for the absolute novice. Thanks.

Martin Mayanja says:

OMG, we deployed and tested SMS Server hosted @ AWS but at that time, had no idea that AWS was as big, and capable to host a lot more services. True its a real Iaas This has been very helpful

Craig Fisher says:

great job

Kai Dupé says:

Cassandra? Maybe he meant Aurora?

zztop3000 says:

I feel like a computer listening to this on 2x speed

John H says:

I’m glad you pointed out the idea that when you build infrastructure for your company your going to have to pay a guy 100k + a year plus all the equipment and still hope it’s reliable when you can just hope on the AWS band wagon.

Amirabbas Askary says:

He said if your architecture on AWS looks similar to your local architecture, it’s most likely that your’e doing it wrong. My question goes as, if we are using some sort of CMS for our website such as Drupal, does it make sense to migrate it to AWS as Drupal has its fixed architecture (and doesn’t matter if it runs on a VPS or AWS) ?

McGavel1 says:

Great tips – thanks. Seems “simple” (6:52) – haha ~_^

Colin Capelin says:

Thanks Eli, very useful. I will be lining up a Skype meeting on the topic of UK vs US mindsets in IT – one to prepare for 🙂

Muhammad Serageldin says:

Thanks man for the video, it’s very very useful .. I have no clue why people are trying to be funny in the comments, NOT!!

Ecavall - PFERDESPORT I LIKE says:

Hi there, I am watching your Chanel from Germany. I just started with amazon AWS. I wonder what 400 TB cloud storage would cost. Assume Server is located in Frankfurt I calculated approx. 9800 Euro / month. Could this be ride?

Nicole Shaw says:

You are awesome!

Fred Scholl says:

Good presentation, at 2X.

AkU GOMS says:

Who else loves Eli and is grateful to him?

Twitch Han says:

thanks for your introduction.

ITsupportian says:

if someone put a backhoe on the T1 line for AMAZON data center, there would be a redundancy, it would not fail. Data Centers such as AWS have multiple peers connected to different ISP, this is one of the reasons why we put our stuff to Data Center.

the only thing I can think of is, if your local business went offline, and didn’t have an IP SLA or BGP then maybe that would be a problem.

karis says:

Really great explanation, thank you!

Shanmugaraja Govindan says:

Good composition and Perfect articulation

Everything Technical says:

Thank you so much for great explanation about AWS….

HooLiGan Video says:

Can you give me the list of the books that are behind you ? 😀

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