AWS All Services Overview

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a HUGE variety of services. That’s good in general but it can make getting started tricky. I’ll navigate you through the AWS offerings jungle in this video. Learn more about the amazing serverless services offered by AWS:


More great AWS resources:

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Albert Mars says:

I prefer firebase

rutul patel7077 says:

Worth watching…

boss Bhai says:

tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good awesome, wow. Why dont you teach a course on Lynda- It will be the most best selling course in History.

Ibrahim Samad says:

Of late I just hit the like button without even watching, because I know it’s yet another awesome tutorial.

Johnny Driesen says:

Amazing an super valuable info.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge !

Sudhir Kaushik says:

please make series on aws sir from basics to advance

Marcio says:


lkuliar says:

wonderfully explained!

Jonar Beo says:

Very helpful as always. Thanks Max!

archer archeryee says:

Thanks Max! Def needed the overview!

Kelvin W. Kiger says:

AWS should pay you for this… Excellent overview, thank you very much.

Ivan Aleksandrov says:

Yes these videos rock – this is by far the best channel for web development and technologies around it!

Juan2003gtr says:

Are you planning on doing a course on this in udemy diving a little deeper into these topics? I would buy it 100%!

Rustem Ibragimov says:

aws is a very convenient service, but the number of products that aws implements for developers makes it difficult to calculate the budget. This repels the use of AWS.

lucasterable (youtube channel) says:

Why, by looking at AWS’s ever overblowing plethora of technologies, can’t I but think about the Apache Foundation..?

daro d says:

Hi Max! Thank you for this video. I don’t know if you can do something about it, but I’m having a problem when I try to activate the youtube subtitles (automatic) in english. There are by default in german but even if I change it to english, it’s not showing anyhting.

Rattanak Chea says:

Wow that is a lot of ground to cover. I love to see a few of the most used AWS services such as EC2, S3 in action.

Ashwin Chandar says:

This was what exactly I wanted!
Thanx! man!

Igor Chornyi says:

Hi Max, thank you for a great video. I have a question about money. Imagine there is an evil person, who knows that I use AWS and he sends tons of requests on purpose so I would have to pay a lot for AWS. Is there a way how to prevent that kind of situation?

ndstephens says:

That was incredibly helpful, Max. I no longer feel overwhelmed by AWS and will probably be taking your class on it soon. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

Alexandr Semenov says:

can you fix subtitles?

Parag Kulkarni says:

this was a fantastic video summarizing the entire suite of applications/services hosted by AWS.. Thanks a lot!

SeamusHarper1234 says:

General overview. 45 minutes. AWS^^

Jimelito Rico says:

Great tutorial and easy to understand. May I request ruby on rails tutorial for beginners? Thank you.

Harshil Shah says:

Very nicely explained! Can you please do a video explaining when to use AWS or Digital Ocean type of service vs when to use Hostgator or BlueHost type of service for website hosting? Also what are the use cases for each type of service. I feel that many people will find it useful. Thanks!

Letlhogonolo Segoe says:

Way too few views for such an awesome video

AndriyFM says:


snajper315 says:

I would never guess that after just 1 hour I’ll be able to – maybe not use – but move around AWS site comfortably. All that stuff was so overwhelming. Thank you for video, I’ll definately buy your tutorials in the future 🙂

Sandy says:

This was video i was waiting for

Анонимуси says:

You are a FUCKING GOD! Thank you!

Alexzander Flores says:

I was literally just looking for a good video of this, thank you!

didier abder says:

Thank you, that’s a lot clearer now.

Shubham Jain says:

as usual amazing video, Thanks

Simon sayz says:

Awesome Video Max. Learned alot

Argee Learner says:

Laravel and Vue course, please please please.

Mallikarjunan A says:


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